What Happened in the First Season of the Witcher Season 1?

Netflix has The Witcher season 2. It's been a long time since we last saw Geralt in season 1, which was about a year ago. When The Witcher season 1 ends on Netflix in two years, there will be a lot of other TV shows and a global pandemic, so we'll let you off the hook if it feels like time has moved a little.

There is a lot of social change going on in Season 2. Before you start watching The Witcher season 2, we've put together a recap of the last eight episodes and what you need to know to keep up with season 2.

the witcher season 1

At the End of the First Witch Season, What Happened to Geralt?

It took Geralt a few hundred years in this world to get hired as a helper for magic around the continent in the first season. Through his work, he met Jaskier and Yennefer, two powerful wizards who he fell in love with. Jaskier turned Geralt's story into a hit both inside and outside of the show. The Cintra princess, Cirilla, also thought he had signed up for a surprise birthday party for her daughter by mistake.

After this season, Geralt doesn't care as much about his growing fame as he does about trying to help Ciri get out of Cintra and get away from the city. The bad news is that he has to spend time in jail until the city is smashed. He doesn't see Ciri in the commotion and runs away with Roach on his own.

His hazy thoughts give us the broad strokes of his backstory when he gets hurt in the season finale by a stray monster. This is the story of how his mother, a sorcerer, left him on the doorstep of a man named Vesemir, who turned him into the Witcher. He was one of the three boys who made it through the process.

Who is the Main Bad Guy in the Witcher World?

The main enemy in the first season of The Witcher is the country of Nilfgaard. Many people in The Witcher's world thought Nilfgaard was a “dirty backwater.” When Emhyr took the throne of the empire, things changed. Emhyr, who was also known as the “White Flame,” was a hero to his people, who thought he was a prophet.

the witcher season 1

During the game, a Nilfgaard soldier said he was already “saved” right before Geralt killed him. Emhyr is also thought of as a religious figure, and people think of him that way. First, Fringilla the Mage said that “The White Flame made me who I am, gave me more power.”

After promising salvation, Nilfgaard is ruthless in its quest to rule the continent. It kills everyone, young and old, with it. It uses dark, forbidden magic and makes its new subjects' lives so bad that they gratefully accept the small gifts their cruel rulers give them.

In the first season, we see Nilfgaard start to take over other kingdoms in the South for Emhyr, so she can rule them better. The Emperor is also very interested in finding Ciri. Because he thinks she is the key to Nilfgaard's true goal, which could lead to the end of the world. With the help of Fringilla the Magician and the Knight Cahir, he moves to get her away from him. Ciri almost gets caught by Nilfgaard several times in the first season. But Cahir still wants to find her.

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The Witcher's Ciri: Who is She, and What Can She Do for the Group?

She was important before she was born. During a moment of fate, Geralt took her as his charge because of a rule called “The Law of Surprise.” You should get something in return if you save someone's life in the old days. But it isn't clear what the boon is. In Geralt's case, it was a child whose future became linked to his own. He didn't want a child at the time. He also didn't believe in fate. It was against destiny's will for him to leave Ciri and his responsibilities for years, but he did it anyway. A risky thing to do in this world.

Geralt knew about this fate a long time ago, though. Before he claimed his Law of Surprise, Princess Renfri told him that “the girl in the woods” was his fate. This is what he was told.

Ciri also has a powerful family “gift,” which is called a “primal power.” Her screams can destroy and kill. They can even break open the earth itself, because they are so powerful. She also hears voices calling out to her from time to time, but not always. Because she doesn't have to do anything, she can go into trances when people call her or she's in danger. When her mother died, she had a gift that her grandmother didn't have. Mother and daughter, on the other hand, did not show that they could control their deadly power.

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How Geralt And Ciri End Up Together

He can't find Yennefer but his call does reach Cirilla, who has been using strange powers in the first season. During her escape from Cintra, Ciri's screams cause glasses to move and a monolith to crumble. This is the first time she sees the powers in action. Her grandmother seems to be hinting at a secret.

the witcher season 1

Later in the season, Ciri is put into a trance by a different attack that she doesn't know about. This is how it goes: First, she gives a speech about the end of the world. Then, with a burst of power, she pushes her attackers back and flattens the grass beneath them. Soon after, Ciri meets up with Geralt. The two hug and Ciri asks: “Who is Yennefer?”

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