The Wire Review: Is It Worth Watching This TV Drama?

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A Bit About The Wire: Through the eyes of drug sellers, consumers, and policy enforcement, this series examines the Baltimore drug scene.

The administration and bureaucracy, schools, and the news media are further aspects of the city examined in the series. A former police reporter, David Simon, conceived the program and wrote many episodes.

Quick Facts About The Wire

  • First episode date: June 2, 2002
  • Created by: David Simon
  • Ending theme: “The Fall” by Blake Leyh
  • Genre: Crime”e drama; “Serial drama; Tragedy;
  • Original network: HBO
  • Awards: Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing – Drama Series

The Wire Review

Re-watching The Wire, which has long been considered one of the most outstanding television program ever produced, causes some unease. Given how dated the technology that it is based on, how long will it last?

The Wire Review

Throw away your flip phones. The series is still fantastic and, given how far ahead of the majority of later works it stands, is even more of an accomplishment today than it was back then.

The intercepted phone calls made by drug dealer D'Angelo Barksdale in season one of D'Angelo's phone booth at The Pit in Baltimore, where he and Bodie operate a drug distribution network out of an abandoned orange sofa; contribute to a sophisticated and complex narrative about social decay that is so profound that technology is rendered irrelevant.

One episode of The Sopranos cost as much to produce as a whole season of The Wire, and it was a pure word-of-mouth success before social media or streaming.

Since its creator, David Simon, was a Baltimore police reporter, his writing partner Ed Burns was a cop who later became a teacher, the show's writing, casting and where all of the highest calibers over its five seasons.

Teams of drug-dealing troops ascend through the ranks, some reaching the top, all of the players in The Game from harsh beginnings in the forgiving housing projects. There are just individuals with unique tales; there are no good guys or bad ones. Many students expect to be dead when asked where they envision themselves in 30 years.

The Wire Cast

The Wire Trailer

Chess, a representation of King's game” in its most expansive”form, is”how “The Wire” first established its” concept” al foundation.

The Wire Review

The low-level drug kingpin D'Angelo Barksdale (Lawrence GiD'Angelor.) explains it to his youthful crew members Bodie (J.D. Williams) and Wallace (Michael B. Jordan) as follows: “The King stays the King. Nothi”g changes who he is. The pawns are the only exception, assuming they can live. Unfortunately, none of the instruments in this scene managed to.

The Wire Plot

West Baltimore eighth-graders Dukie, Randy, Michael, and Namond. Prez taught math there. Prez has problems keeping his rowdy and violent classroom under control (Summer Boys) (“Soft Eyes”). Namond and Michael sell Proposition Joe's drugs for Bodie. (Eyes Smooth)

The Wire Review

Marlo kills and intimidates to compensate for his low-quality drugs and lack of business skills. Partlow and Pearson hide victims in boarded-up row dwellings. Both the significant crimes team investigating Marlo and the homicide section investigating the killings are perplexed by the disappearances of so many crooks. Marlo employs Bodie and Michael (“Refugees”). (“Alliances”)

McNulty, a patrolman, living with Beatrice Russell, opposes Daniels' advances. Shakima Greggs and Lester Freamon investigate Avon Barksdale's political donations. (“Residences”) Ervin Burrell stops the”I'mork at Mayor Clarence Royce's request,” and Greggs and Freamon switch to homicide. (“Refugees”)

End of mayoral primary. Royce's massive war chest and endorsements put him ahead of Carcetti and Gray. Royce's lead dwindles when his political maneuvers backfire, and Carcetti highlights the city's crime problem.

Carcetti wins the primary and general elections to become Baltimore's mayor. Carcetti wants to reduce crime, so he restricts Burrell's powers and elevates Daniels, whom he may become commissioner. (“Belong”)

Other familiar faces attend Prez's middle school. Howard “Bunny” Colvin studies juvenile offenders. Dennis “Cutty” Wise rounds up truants in his boxing gym (“Residences”). Bubbles adopt Sherrod. He encourages the boy to attend class. A heroin addict routinely robs refugees. (“Alliances”)

Prez's students leave. “Margin of Error” pulls Namond from class and puts him in a study group with Colvin. Randy notifies the assistant principal about a murder (“Margin of Error”), resulting in a police investigation (“Unto Others”) and tagging as a “snitch” by his peers. Michael ignores Prez, Cutty, and Bodie, who sense his potential.

Chris is the one authority Michael trusts to make his stepfather leave to protect his sibling. Prez nursed Dukie, but he must depart for high school. (“Alone”)

(“He's Own”) O-Dog shoots Bodie for testifying against Marlo and his squad. Sherrod died after Bubbles gave him poisoned heroin. Bubbles attempt suicide in the police station but survive. (Grades)

Michael has joined Marlo's killers and monitors Dukie's corner. Randy's foster mother is hospitalized when school bullies firebomb his house for collaborating with police (“That's Got His Own”). Colvin absorbs Namond's goodness. Major Crimes from earlier seasons investigates Marlo Stanfield. (Grades)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth Watching The Wire?

The Wire is still considered one of, if not the best TV drama ever produced, more than ten years after its last season aired on HBO. Although there are valid arguments for shows like Breaking Bad or The Sopranos, most viewers of The Wire would place it in their top five.

Why Is The Wire Tv Series Considered So Good?

It was unquestionably the winner; almost half of all critics ranked the program among their top 10, and nearly a quarter of those surveyed gave it top honors for portraying power, race, class, and American life. David Simon, the show's creator, said of the victory, “I'm delighted the show has a shelf life.”