The Wandering Village – A Unique City Builder!

It's a city-building game with a twist: your community is built on the back of a giant wandering beast, giving it a unique perspective.

Intrigued? To find out more about Stray Fawn Studio and its co-founder and game designer Philomena Schwab, we reached out to them via email. Let's get started!

What is The Wandering Village?

The Wandering Village is a city-building simulation that takes place on the back of a massive, wandering beast.

The Wandering Village

It is our responsibility to provide care for both the people and the beast itself in order to withstand the deadly spores that are spreading across the world.


According to what we've learned so far, our villagers are attempting to stay one step ahead of the harmful spores that are steadily making their way across the earth.

Schwab goes into greater detail on how the peasants came to meet Onbu, the enormous creature whose back will serve as the foundation of our village: As a result of the harmful spores that kept spreading and contaminating the air and land, our folks were forced to abandon their houses.

The Wandering Village

As the virus spread, they were forced to walk for a long period, virtually exhausting their reserves of strength. “Fortunately,” Schwab continues, “they came across Onbu, a massive wandering beast that carried them to a new home on its back.

Towards the end of the latest clip, Onbu comes across a deceased member of its own species, who is resting still, covered in noxious plants, and whose spores are ascending into the atmosphere.

As a result, we are forced to speculate about the possible connections between these events.”


Onbu's well-being will need us to find a delicate balance between caring for our villagers and caring for him. The villagers will be hard at work cultivating crops, exploring for new resources, and foraging for rarer ones.

The Wandering Village

The enormous beast itself, however, plays an essential role in the villagers' survival, since it transports them away from deadly spores.

This does not imply that Onbu may simply be stripped of all of its harvestable resources. It will need to be maintained healthy and happy in order for it to continue on its journey.


The Wandering Village Release Date

A release date for The Wandering Village has not yet been announced, but we will notify you as soon as one is announced.

Final Words

That’s All About The Wandering Village. Stay Tuned For More Updates And Bookmark Our Site For More News. Thank You For Reading!

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