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The Thinning Season 3 May Arrive in 2022 or not?

The Thinning Season 3

The popular Science fantasy thriller online film starring Logan Paul is returning. The film’s captivating plot had rescued the target market.

In the film, the dismal future drew the audience and kept them logged in. The thriller film series is dystopian post-apocalyptic.

The 2016 social science fantasy thriller film debuted. Michael Gallagher created a bleak future where a faculty aptitude exam managed the people. Those who left the check were accomplished. The film will now return with a series. Here are all the season 3 updates.

Release Date of the Thinning Season 3

After the first season, fans observed a big delay in shooting the second. For Logan Paul and YouTube arguments. So they stopped Logan, and he faced intense scrutiny from the world.

He also lost valuable subscribers, and the feud affected the number of people who saw the second picture. It was because of his inappropriate behaviour in a video clip aimed at Japan that the entire globe turned against him.

Paul has come a long way since 2018, yet some humans still dislike him. YouTube may no longer have the same audience. So we know they won’t be taking the 3rd chapter of The Thinning any time soon. And we’re sorry to notify Logan Paul’s fans who stood by him during his worst days.

We haven’t heard anything about season 3 of The Thinning. The likelihood of a 3rd season in 2021 is slim due to the absence of permission.

Cast of Thinning 3

The Thinning Season 3 Trailer

There is no trailer for season 3. We’ll keep you informed when production updates us.

Plot of the Thinning Season 3

‘The Thinning’ is set in 2039, when overcrowding and global warming have made land scarce.

As a result, the UN mandated that each USA reduce its population by 5% annually. While most countries prefer to exterminate the elderly and enforce a one-child policy, the USA provides a programme called 10-241 or ‘Thinning.’

It is a controlled check from 1-12. Those who pass the check advance, while those who fail are punished. The narrative takes place in Austin, Texas, where Laina Michaels helps Simon discover the ‘Thinning.’ But he can’t read the information, so Laina shows him a contact lens that will answer the questions for him.

She spends the money for her sick mother’s medicines. So Simon loses the lens before the inspection and leaves it. Then we have Blake Redding, the director’s son. He has a good job and a girlfriend named Ellie. They are decided by shopkeepers working for Blake’s dad after school.

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Blake teaches, and Ellie leaves her test as they sit for the ‘Thinning.’ Blake tries in vain to release her as she is ultimately performed. One year later, Laina’s mother has passed away, and she urges Corrine, her sister, to study about the test. Blake leaves the test to blame his father for Ellie’s death, forcing his father to stop the ‘Thinning.’

So the cunning director places a graph in the way of Blake. The teacher reveals Blake and Laina’s scores and she quits. She is taken away for ‘Thinning’ with a lady who had intercourse with a teacher to avoid the check, but failed to conceal the teacher’s attempts.

The kids who skip coming to the Recreation site to praise are swept away. Her trainer examines the guard on the way to the execution when she witnesses Laina being carried there. When her invasion fails, she gives Laina a vital card to end the ‘Thinning.’ She also witnesses the teacher, Mr. Glass, luring another lady for sex. Meanwhile, Blake causes a school disruption, allowing Laina to escape.

The events are studied as the school is locked down. Mr. Glass’ keyboard is given to Laina’s trainer to cautiously get out of the situation, while he is overcome by others’ suspicion of him. Laina joins Blake’s team. In the Thinning, Laina returns to examine the scores. She knows the check is rigged, as seen in Ellie’s death.

Laina recalls that Blake no longer controls the college students’ freedom. When the cheque is cashed, the governor is compelled to order the failures to perform while releasing the decliners.

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Laina subsequently joins her sister and teacher, while Blake finds himself working for the company that manufactures the test tablets. The medicine is reported to put them to sleep rather than kill them, and they are buried. Blake then joins Ellie.


That is all you need to know about season 3. I hope you enjoyed it. Please follow us for updates!

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