The team has a perfect start to the qualifiers and is 10 points away from guaranteeing a place in the 2022 World Cup

Oh Brazil Never left World Cup – and until nothing terrifyingly unusual happens, it will not be in 2022.

100% unique in South American qualifiers (18 points in six rounds), the team opened up a huge advantage over other teams and was even closer to the “magic number” that would secure a place in the World Cup in Qatar.

Since the current qualifying format for the 1998 World Cup has been adopted, no one has been eliminated from the tournament with 28 points. In other words, there are only ten points (three wins and one draw) to stamp Titan's passport.

Of the six qualifiers in the current competition model, the fourth-place finisher had the worst score with 25 points Chile 1998 and Ecuador In 2014. But both times there were fewer games because Brazil, with a guaranteed place, did not play the match.

Of the ten South American teams in the clash, the fourth-worst performance was in 2018 Colombia, With 27 points. Paraguay (30 points in 2002 and 28 points in 2006) and Argentina (28 points in 2010) Complete the group of last direct place winners.

Fifth place with the most points Uruguay, With 27 in 2002. Celeste went on to restart and went through Australia in two games to secure his place in the trophy. All others did less: Peru-1998 (25 points), Uruguay-2002 (27), Uruguay-2006 (25), Uruguay-2014 (25) and Peru-2018 (26).

With Brazil having 12 games and half of them at home, it is unlikely that a place in the trophy will not even happen in the normal fourth place.

The 92.5% advantage with Tait is another point in favor of the Brazilian team. Against Paraguay, the coach reached his 16th victory in 18 games for being selected in qualifying. Survivors of the defeat were Colombia (1 to 1) and Bolivia (0 to 0), in September 2017, was already classified in Brazil.