The Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 3 Full Cast And Crew-Check Who Will be in it?

“The Tale of the Nine-Tailed” is a captivating South Korean fantasy television series that enchanted audiences with its mystical storyline and memorable characters. The talented cast brought the mythical world to life, captivating viewers with their exceptional performances and on-screen chemistry. Let's introduce the remarkable actors who portrayed the key characters in this enthralling series:

Actor Character
Lee Dong-wook Lee Yeon
Jo Bo-ah Nam Ji-ah
Kim Bum Lee Rang
Kim Yong-ji Ki Yoo-ri
Hwang Hee Shin Joo
Kim Jung-nan Pal-yeon
Ahn Kil-Kang Yi Rang

Main Cast

Lee Dong-Wook in the role of Lee Yeon:

The Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 3 Full Cast

A nine-tailed fox, or gumiho, as it is called. Lee Rang's half-brother and former mountain spirit guardian Ah-eum / Ji-ah. Working for the Afterlife Immigration Office, he tries to locate Ah-eum's reincarnation. All the Ah-eum lookalikes he met lacked the fox bead, though.

He rescued Ji-ah when she was a child, but because she is missing the fox bead, Yeon does not consider her to be Ah-eum's reincarnation. The series eventually reveals that Ji-ah is actually Ah-eum's reincarnation. The evening primrose that blooms on gravestones is one of his weak spots.

Jo Bo-ah as Nam Ji-ah:

The Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 3 Full Cast

The character of Nam Ji-ah, a TV producer who meets Lee Yeon and becomes entangled in his world, thereby uncovering mysteries and secrets, was portrayed by Jo Bo-ah in the drama.

Kim Bum as Lee Rang:

The Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 3 Full Cast

 A younger brother of Lee Yeon and a half-blood gumiho who plots to get even with Lee Yeon by causing trouble. He harms people on purpose, which gets Yeon into trouble. He is secretly very caring, but he holds a grudge against his brother. He was left for dead by his human mother when he was a young child in the Forest of the Hungry Ghosts.

There, he was saved from the ravenous ghosts by Yeon. He eventually joined his brother on the mountain and began a new, prosperous life. However, after Ah-eum passed away, Yeon abandoned Baekdudaegan and renounced his role as mountain spirit, leaving Rang to fend for himself on the mountain and giving rise to a growing resentment toward Lee Yeon.

Supporting Cast

Kim Yong-ji in the role of Ki Yoo-ri:

A young Russian gumiho who is a devoted partner to Lee Rang. She was rescued by Rang five years before the current events, from a zoo where she was being mistreated. She owes Rang her life, so she follows his orders to cause trouble for his enemies eagerly. After the 24-year-old director of Moze Department Store died while trekking in Nepal, she decided to assume her identity.ef.

Shin Joo, portrayed by Hwang Hee:

Hwang Hee plays the role of Shin Joo, a devoted and capable gumiho loyalist who assists Lee Yeon in completing his mission.

Kim Jung-nan in the role of Pal-yeon:

Kim Jung-nan played the role of Pal-yeon, an elderly shaman who had a profound connection to the otherworldly realm. Pal-yeon offered the main characters guidance and advice throughout the story.

Ahn Kil-Kang portrayed Yi Rang

Lee Rang's father plays a significant role in the intricate relationships and dynamics within the narrative. Ahn Kil-Kang was in the role of Yi Rang.

Kim Soo-jin as Eom Goo-ja

Kim Soo-jin portrayed Eom Goo-ja, a fierce and skilled shaman who aids the main characters in their battles against supernatural forces. Her character brings a sense of mysticism and spiritual guidance to the story.

Jung Si-yul as Choi Yoo-na

Jung Si-yul played the role of Choi Yoo-na, a young girl who becomes entangled in the supernatural world and forms a connection with Lee Rang. Her character brings a touch of innocence and vulnerability to the narrative.

Park Joo-Hyung as Hyun Eui-ong

Park Joo-Hyung portrayed Hyun Eui-ong, an intelligent and resourceful detective who becomes involved in the investigation of supernatural phenomena. His character adds an element of intrigue and suspense to the storyline.

Kim Hee-jung as Ah-eum

Kim Hee-Jung portrayed Ah-eum, a tragic figure from Lee Yeon's past and a significant character in the series. Her character's presence holds deep emotional weight and contributes to the intricate storyline.

Lee Tae-ri as Yoo Shi-woo

Lee Tae-ri played the role of Yoo Shi-woo, a talented hacker who becomes entangled in the supernatural world and forms an unexpected bond with the main characters. His character brings a modern and tech-savvy element to the story.

Jang Won-hyung as Jae-hwan

Jang Won-hyung portrayed Jae-hwan, a loyal and dependable friend of Nam Ji-ah. His character provides support and comic relief throughout the series, adding a lighthearted touch to the overall narrative.

Kim Kang-min as Choi Min-soo

Kim Kang-min played the role of Choi Min-soo, Nam Ji-ah's boss and a seasoned TV producer. His character brings a level of authority and mentorship to the story, guiding the younger characters in their professional journeys.

Crew Members in Production

Kang Shin-Hyo, the film's director, was responsible for bringing “The Tale of the Nine-Tailed” to life thanks to his imaginative insight and skillful use of storytelling techniques.

Han Woo-ri, the show's writer, was responsible for penning the series' script. In it, she creates an engrossing narrative by combining elements of fantasy, romance, and mythology.

Studio Dragon, which is well-known in the Korean drama industry for the high quality of its productions, was the company that was responsible for producing the series.


The chemistry among the cast members was palpable, allowing for captivating interactions and compelling storytelling. They skillfully navigated the complexities of their roles, effortlessly immersing viewers in a world of mythical creatures, romance, and supernatural suspense.

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