The Split Season 4: Release Date | Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!

The BBC legal drama “The Split,” created by Abi Morgan and co-written by Morgan, Jane Eden, Louise Ironside, and Matt Jones, may have ended for good since there are no plans for a fourth season.

Jessica Hobbs was in charge of the show. It features Nicola Walker, Stephen Mangan, Fiona Button, Annabel Scholey, Barry Atsma, and Deborah Findlay. The show ran for three seasons and 18 episodes over four years.

The Split Season 4 Release Date: Is It Renewed or Canceled?

In 2021, the BBC announced that the third season of the popular show would be the last and that it would end with “the most dramatic and heartbreaking series to date.” So there is no date set for season four of The Split.

The Split Season 4

The show's creator, Abi Morgan, has discussed why she ended the popular legal drama with its third season instead of continuing the story in the fourth.

Morgan said, “It was always the plan, and I don't think I'm saying anything inappropriate by saying that the BBC would have liked us to have kept going. I always thought it was three, though.

“The Split was supposed to be about what happened after the Split and Split 1 is about Hannah thinking about her childhood and how her parents' divorce affected her. Season 2 was about the affair. The real story of 3 is about Hannah going through her divorce. So I thought it was always three.

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“And I love writing for those characters, so I'm sure I'll keep kicking myself. But I also wonder how often you can bring people back together and split them up again. It would change into something else.”

When asked if the network was sad that the show was ending, Morgan said, “I think more than anything, they're excited about the next thing and the next beginning of whatever that will be.”

The Split Season 4

But also, we live in a great time for TV, and I feel so lucky to have worked for five or six years with such a great group of actors. “And there is an alchemy in a cast that you look for but don't always find.

There's always one person who drives you up the wall or someone else who doesn't like being in the show, but this was a unique experience,” she said.

“That show is full of life, and you can tell they like each other. It's like having a family. I know that people say things like that, but it's true. I think that was great, and I hope that means something to people.”

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What Happened in Season 3 of the Split?

Fans of the show waited about two years to see if their longtime favorite couple would make up and give their love another chance. We won't give any spoilers here, so if you haven't seen the series yet, you might have to find out for yourself.

The Split Season 4

The Big RT asked the show's star, Nicola Walker, who plays Hannah Stern, what she thought about the show's end. She said, “Abi is leading you to a clear end of the story, so things are getting clearer and clearer with each episode.”

She said, “The story has a sense of letting go… it's not a vague ending. By the end, all of the characters know exactly where they are.

Can We Look Forward to a Spin-off?

The Split's thiSplit'son might be the last, but can we still hope for a spin-off? “I think if you asked any of us, we'd all tell you the same thing. Whatever Abi Morgan wants us to do, we'll do it. We've arrived. “We're there,” said Nicola Walker to The Big RT.

“I think it's amazing that our mother is the woman who has the best relationship this year. So maybe we could meet up again in a few years and find out what the different sisters are doing. Maybe they'll all have the best jobs and personal lives.”

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The Split Season 3 Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Split's All Seasons?

All three seasons of The Split are available on Prime Video, Philo, Hulu, and Spectrum TV.

Is The Split Over?

Even if we wish they could go on forever, all great dramas have to end at some point, and it was unfortunate to hear last year that there would not be a fourth season of The Split. For more information, please visit us.