The Son Season 3 | Release Date | Cast And More

There are many movie genres, but some movies are always special. Some movies attract the audience with their action scenes, and some movies attract the audience with their unique storylines and lines of action, but making a good storyline for a movie is like the cherry on a cake.

Philipp Meyer's novel of the same name served as an inspiration for the Son series. The Son is an American western drama series. Meyer, Brian McGreevy, and Lee Shipman are the show's writers and creators.

This show has twenty episodes, along with the first and second seasons. The show's first season was broadcast on April 8, 2017.

It received 7.5 out of 10 on IMDB and 8.3/10 on The TV series' popularity and merits are indeed the reason for renewing the show for season 2.

The Plot of The Son

The main narrative of ‘The Son' revolves around Eli and his family as they battle to retain their lands. It chronicles the family business and contrasts it with America's climb to superpower status. As the tale proceeds, we see some typical cliches emerge, such as the notion that the white guy may be the true savage or that violence fosters violence in Texas.

We witness how sons attempt to escape the legacy and shadows of their dads and families, ultimately returning to the same position and repeating the same errors that were made in history.

The Plot of The Son (Novel)


The Comanches assaulted Eli McCullough's family in 1849 when he was thirteen years old. His sister and mother were raped and murdered as a result of the incident. Eli gets abducted along with his elder brother. When Eli's brother Martin is slain, the Kotsoteka Comanches adopt Eli and give him the name Tiehteti. After being kept as a slave, he earns the respect of his captors and is raised by Toshaway, the guy who abducted him.

A series of disasters befell the tribe, including the death of Toshaway as well as the rest of Eli's Comanche family due to a sickness epidemic. Eli permits himself to be later sold into white culture to provide for the orphans.


In 1915, Peter McCullough saw his father incite anti-Mexican prejudice to assassinate the Garcias, a wealthy family acquainted with the McCulloughs who had resided on the property since before it was a country. The ensuing massacre results in multi-day rioting in which the surviving Spanish families in the region are slaughtered or forced to escape.

Following that, Eli purchased the Garcia property. Peter's actions haunt him, and he grows distant from his wife, who finds nothing wrong with the events, and his sons, who took part in the massacre. Maria Garcia, the lone survivor, came to the farm two years after the killings.

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Despite Maria's knowledge of McCullough's efforts to destroy her family, Peter protects her, and the two fall in love. After a month, Peter's father, brother Phineas, and wife Sally offer Maria $10,000 in exchange for her disappearance. She escapes to Mexico, where Peter spends his wealth chasing her back and having two children with her.


J.A., a rich woman who became wealthy after oil was discovered on her family's estate, died alone in her house in 2012. She recalls her upbringing on the ranch, where she had been largely nurtured by her great-grandfather Eli, who had already become a legend, with no one to help her.

Even though she has older brothers, J.A. is constantly aware that she is the only one who can look after the ranch. J.A. ‘s great-uncle Phineas tells her that her father is a weak guy who is pretending to be a cattle rancher while losing hundreds of millions of dollars when her three older brothers go to fight in WWII. J.A.'s father died soon after, and she inherited the whole McCullough estate. By the age of 19, J.A. had amassed a multi-million dollar fortune.

Her uncle Phineas introduces her to Henry Boudreaux, a guy recruited to assist in the extraction of oil from the land. J.A. finally marries Henry, but she does not take to parenthood well, and she returns to work after her third child. Henry dies in a hunting accident later in life, and J.A. spends the rest of her life accumulating wealth and boyfriends while believing her children are failures.

She has been contacted by Mexicans claiming to be connected to her on several occasions, whom she ignores. Ulises Garcia, a youthful guy in his 90s, arrives to work for her.

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He ultimately proves that Peter is his grandpa, but despite knowing that he is telling the truth, J.A. summons the cops, only to fall and smash her skull.

Release date of The Son season 3

Can we expect The Son season 3? Despite getting a good response from critics and the audience, the show won’t be having its season 3 because, earlier, the creators announced that season 2 would be the final season of The Son. It is heart-wrenching to be a fan of The Son. Every show has to end, but this show had its time.


This is one of the best shows that I have watched till now. It is hard for the fans of The Son TV series to see the show ending very soon, but if you haven’t watched it yet, you can watch it on Hulu.