The Snow Girl Review: A Tense and Unpredictable Spanish Crime Series!

The Snow Girl is a compelling tale of mystery and personal struggle. Follow journalist Miren Rojo as she investigates the kidnapping of 12-year-old Amaya while facing her own past traumas. With skilled acting, clear timelines, and heart-wrenching imagery, The Snow Girl will keep you on the edge of your seat until its dramatic conclusion. Let's take a look at The Snow Girl Review.

The Snow Girl Story

On January 5, 2010, the day Amaya disappears, The Snow Girl's narrative begins. Once news of Amaya's kidnapping spreads, it catches the attention of Miren, an intern at the provincial newspaper Diario Sur.

Meanwhile, Belén Millán and her partner Chaparro are interviewing all of the potential witnesses and suspect in the case. And although she was leading her own investigation into Amaya's case, Miren was also dealing with her own past traumas as a rape victim.

Six years after Maya's kidnapping, on her birthday in 2016, Miren, who is still employed at the Diario Sur newspaper, receives a package. The note asks Miren to call Amaya's folks in before he opens the parcel.

The Snow Girl Review

Inside is a film about 12-year-old Amaya at home with her dollhouse. While investigating Amaya's disappearance, Miren is forced to face a painful part of her past that she would rather not remember.

Her fixation on Amaya's case is heightened by the fact that she is haunted by a memory of a terrible episode she cannot entirely recall. Her mentor & fellow journalist, Eduardo, offers his help to Miren since he knows she will not give up looking for Amaya until she does.

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Iris Molina, a client of Ana's, kidnapped Amaya. She abducted Amaya & coerced her husband, Santiago, into helping her during the parade. Iris kept Amaya a prisoner at her home for 9 years, during which time she renamed her Julia & convinced her that she was her daughter. After some while, Miren figures out that the kidnapper Iris is Iris herself.

The Snow Girl Review in Detail

In her role as Miren Rojo, Milena Smith has excelled. Her protagonist doesn't do a lot of talking, which is different from the stereotypical portrayal of a journalist in popular media. She was able to convey the full picture of a woman with a harrowing history & how she overcame her fears over the years.

Belén Millán, the police officer portrayed by Aixa Villagran, is a great example of how two individuals can react very differently to the same set of circumstances. All of the actors stayed true to their roles. All of their feelings will be fully understood by the audience.

The story of the show is told through a series of flashbacks & flashforwards. The timelines are always clearly labeled so that the observer doesn't get lost in the maze. The flashes between different time periods are effective because they show how the tragedy touches many different people.

The Snow Girl Review

The last two episodes do a lot to shake things up by shifting perspectives in one and finally solving the main case in the other. David Ulloa and Laura Alvea, who directed the episodes, do a fantastic job of capturing the growing anguish and despair felt by some characters.

The use of imagery to portray these feelings is superb. This story is just too grounded in reality to be transformed into a fantastical tale. Even though the film had a straightforward mystery plot, the reasoning behind Amaya's abduction was not believable.

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The writers have overused the concept of Miren's history and the number of time jumps. After establishing why Miren is so eager to find solutions, the writers continue to put off the flashback scenes until later episodes.

There is absolutely no hope for any of the characters in The Snow Girl until the very end of the book. On the other side, the audience is kept on the edge of their seats by the mystery and uncertainty.

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