The Sims 5 – Trailer | Update | Rumors | Everything We Know So Far!

Originally released in 2000, The Sims has been around since the beginning of the millennium. They even had their own reality television show, so any disclosures about The Sims 5 or hoopla for a non-existent Sims 5 trailer should not come as a complete surprise.

Because of the franchise's widespread success, Electronic Arts (EA) has continued to develop it, and a significant surprise announcement was made late in April 2021.

What exactly happened? The formal announcement of The Sims 5 was made in this interview with Laura Miele, EA's Chief Studio Officer, which can be seen here.

What to Know About the Sims 5?

Almost immediately as Laura stated that The Sims 5 was in development, millions of Sims fans all over the world burst out in excitement. There's a valid explanation behind this.

The Sims 4 was released in 2014, and while it has received numerous upgrades and expansion packs, as well as a mobile version of the game, fans of the franchise have been waiting with bated breath for anything more substantial for a very long time. Finally, the wait is over.

The Sims 5

So far, both official and fan-based sources have stated that The Sims 5 will continue to uphold its heritage as a safe zone that allows people to freely construct their own world — whether that be by designing a thriving, perfect city or by destroying everyone and everything in their path.

It's entirely up to you what you want to do, and we won't judge you. We all have a small number of authoritarian tendencies inside ourselves.

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The Sims 5 Trailer

The Sims 5 Development Update

Despite the fact that EA has been tight-lipped about any developments, the essential point is that The Sims 5 will progress at a pace that is consistent with all of its predecessors. To begin, the aesthetics and character designs will be refined, and the number of character and building elements will be increased.

The Sims 5

The new game's primary focus is on honing in on our interactions with our characters while also adding more improvements to animations and life events. Players will also have greater freedom in terms of decorating and customizing their respective characters.

Following these facts, it appears that nothing will be too shocking for those who have been following the world-building franchise.

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The Sims 5 Now Features Multiplayer Support

However, if you've been playing The Sims since the beginning, you're not likely to be startled by many things. What started out as a simple dollhouse simulator quickly evolved into an open cosmos capable of virtually any scenario imaginable.

However, there is one other thing you should be aware of: for the first time in 20 years, The Sims 5 will feature multiplayer functionality. To say that this revelation has provoked significant controversy in the community would be an understatement.

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The Sims 5 Rumors

Now it's time for the unofficial stuff. Some of these issues were hinted at during the interview, but because so little has been confirmed, the majority of information concerning The Sims 5 is at this point merely wild speculation.

The vast majority of the numerous hypotheses circulating on the internet revolve around features that fans hope will be included in the future The Sims game, rather than real, evidence-based statements about the game's development.

As a result, while it may be tempting to jump on the bandwagon and believe the numerous spoilers, we recommend that you proceed with caution and evaluate the facts presented.

The Sims 5

Starting with the possibility of a creator marketplace, Miele stated in her interview that it would most likely be established in order to capitalize on the new (possibly online) multiplayer option.

Create your own cosmetic goods for The Sims 5 and sell them to get some extra cash. This feature would be very useful for individuals with a creative streak who want to make some more income. Remember that this is merely a theory, and if it were to come to fruition, any cash generated would most likely be divided between the inventor and Electronic Arts.

4Chan continues to be a popular place for anyone looking for leaks in the game as well. On the website, one particular rumor fueled the fires of speculation about the game being displayed at the forthcoming EA Play 2021 event, which will take place on June 14th.

More to the point, 4Chan speculated that The Sims 5 would be released in the Australian fall of 2022.