The Serpent Rogue – What Is The Status of the Game?

The Serpent Rogue Release Date Issues

Sengi Games, in collaboration with publisher Team17, announced today that The Serpent Rogue will continue to be released next month as planned.

For those who are unaware, Sengi Games is situated in Ukraine, and with the current turmoil taking place in the nation, some were concerned that the game would be delayed because the country is dealing with more pressing matters at the time.

The Serpent Rogue

As of today, the company released the statement below, confirming that the game would, in fact, still be released in late April as previously announced.

“Although the situation we're in is hard and unprecedented, we made the decision to stick to the original plan and launch our game, The Serpent Rogue, on April the 26th as promised! The game is coming on time and it is the most ambitious thing we've ever made, stay tuned!”


The ability to master alchemy is a crucial component of The Serpent Rogue's gameplay, and mastering it will be critical to The Warden's success.

Players will collect and research ingredients to discover their applications, experiment with different mixtures to craft unique potions, and use those concoctions in a variety of ways to progress through the game's constantly changing world.

The Serpent Rogue

It is important to remember that every action The Warden takes has an impact on the wider world.

For example, if too many items are left littered around an area, rodents will arrive en masse to wreak havoc; if bodies are left unburied, ghouls will be drawn to the scent of the bodies, causing death and destruction in their wake.


Final Words

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