The Sequel of Tremors Shrieker Island

The Tremors franchise peaked with the 1990 original before devolving into a series of mediocre sequels. They switched from A-list talent to lesser-known stars in front of and behind the camera in the first five sequels, but the stories stayed pretty constant — where the Graboids go, Burt Gummer follows.

The quest has brought him to Mexico, South Africa, the Canadian Arctic, and even back in time via a sequel set in 1889 (by far the worst of the lot), and he's beaten back the monster infestations while cracking jokes and moaning at every turn. The animals have appeared organically through time, but humans have had a role in the past, with bad judgement and military applications exacerbating the situation.


A Snap Shot of Tremors Shrieker Island

In Tremors: Shrieker Island, a biotech developer turned big game hunter has built an exclusive hunting experience for highly affluent clientele with the same mindset. Bill (Richard Brake; Mandy, 2018) explains, “Biotech is my day job, but hunting is my passion.” However, the genetically engineered Graboids he released on a secluded island have grown, evolved, and generated an army of Shriekers, putting his love to the test.

Jas Welker mother to Burt's son, Travis – runs an elephant rehabilitation facility (or something) on the adjacent island, and she instantly summons Burt back into action.

tremors shrieker island

According to the MovieWeb service, Tremors Shrieker Island was filmed in Thailand. Filming began in November of last year and was completed in less than a month. Gross, the principal actor, has already verified the news on his Facebook page. Although the actual locations of the movie's filming have not been revealed, star Jackie Cruz was recently spotted posing on Krabi Island, Thailand, implying that the filming took place on or around the islands. Here are a few photos from the Tremors Shrieker Island actors during their stay in Thailand, as well as some behind-the-scenes shots from their shooting.

The sole returning actor, as is characteristic of the Tremors sequels, is Gross, who as the hard-ass Burt turns up the hamminess to eleven once more. The majority of the cast is new to the franchise, but we do get a few more familiar faces this time around. Since breaking through with Napoleon Dynamite in 2004, Heder hasn't turned down a single acting role, and he delivers his usual silly guy routine here.


What Can We Expect about the Sequel Tremors Shrieker Island

Fans of the franchise – and there must be some, given that it's been running for nearly three decades – will find more of what they seem to enjoy here. From “I don't get ladies, too many moving parts” to “See, this is the difficulty with not having weapons,” Burt continues to impart knowledge. He's as adorable as he is annoying, and he has his charms, even if he was at his finest as a supporting role alongside Reba McEntire.

The switch to a tropical destination – lovely Thailand standing in for the Solomon Islands – elevates the film's appearance significantly from previous ventures (and it's excellent to see it move beyond South Africa, where the last two were shot). The creature set-pieces are adequate, and Paul even debuts the huge Graboid against a green flare-lit sky in a low-budget imitation of those classic Godzilla: King of Monsters images. Add some flamethrower and chainsaw mayhem, and you've got yourself a perfectly acceptable PG-13 monster film.

It's difficult to truly jump all over Shrieker Island with critiques, as it was with the other sequels, well, save from the rubbish one set in the 19th century. It can't match with the original, but it's on par with the previous sequels in that it feeds the monsters a series of throwaway people while our nice heroes rescue the day.


Wrapping Up

Is this the final installment of Tremors? Doubtful. However, the death of a specific character – who I will not identify – in the film's conclusion may suggest otherwise. Who could it possibly be?! I'm not going to tell. If the Ass Blaster era is coming to an end, it may as well go out on a high note with a slightly amusing creature feature that keeps things going with a lovely environment, nearly humorous remarks, and exploding creatures.