The Rig Season 2 Release Date: Will It Get a New Season?

Martin Compston seemed to be everywhere right now, and we're not complaining. The popular Line of Duty performer recently returned to the BBC for the Scottish thriller Mayflies, and now he's in Amazon's high-octane production The Rig, which is set close off the Scottish coast, on the Kinloch Bravo oil rig.

A weird and sudden spate of poor weather prevents an oil rig crew from returning home, and it soon becomes evident that something far more supernatural is at work. With six episodes debuting simultaneously on the streaming site on January 6, fans will be left wondering if a season two is already in the works.

In this article, we will read about The Rig Season 2 Release Date in detail. Here's what we know so far.

The Rig Season 2 Release Date – When Will We Get More Episodes?

There is currently no set date for the second season of The Rig, but production will resume in Edinburgh sometime in the latter half of 2023.

It's unlikely that we'll see Season 2 until late 2024, with all the remaining production work. It looks like I'll have to go back and watch the first season again.

The Rig Season 2 Release Date

Who Will Appear in the Cast of The Rig Season 2?

Martin Compston, Iain Glen, and the rest of the main actors from season 1 are all set to return for season 2 of The Rig.

The fates of those on the mainland are uncertain after the events of the season 1 finale, but the rig's crew is unharmed.

The Rig season 2 cast list:

  • Iain Glen as Magnus MacMillan
  • Martin Compston as Fulmer Hamilton
  • Emily Hampshire as Rose Mason
  • Rochenda Sandall as Cat Braithwaite
  • Owen Teale as Lars Hutton
  • Mark Addy as David Coake
  • Molly Vevers as Heather Shaw
  • Abraham Popoola as Easter Ayodeji
  • Stuart McQuarrie as Colin Murchison

The Rig Season 2 Plot

The second season of The Rig will send the Kinloch Bravo crew to a new location and introduce them to new threats, as shown on Prime Video. In addition to dealing with the consequences of season 1, the Kinloch Bravo crew will have to deal with “swirling conspiracies, conflicts, and new threats from the dark depths of the world's oceans it has unleashed,” as stated by Prime Video.

The remaining members of the Kinloch Bravo's crew have been whisked away in helicopters to a risky new place full of peril. Conspiracies, disputes, and new threats from the deep seas of the planet are released in this sequel, leaving the crew to deal with the mental and physical aftermath of the series 1 conclusion.

The Rig Season 2 Release Date

According to David Macpherson, the show's creator, the upcoming season will expand upon Season 1's examination of Earth's potential future. In the words of the show's creator, “I'm looking forward to expanding the world of our show through the eyes of our excellent cast, as we deliver more shocks and thrills and delve deeper into both our characters' and the show's expanding original mythology.”

Is There a Trailer for The Rig Season 2?

The second season of The Rig has not yet had a trailer released, but we will be sure to update this page as soon as one is made available.

While we wait for Season 2, you can rewatch the Season 1 trailer right now.

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