The Resort Trailer Review: Is This Comedy-Thriller Worth Watching?

At first glance, this tropical vacation seems like a dream come true.

Noah and Emma (William Jackson Harper from A Good Place and Cristin Milioti from Palm Springs) are introduced in the first teaser for Peacock's highly anticipated comedy thriller series The Resort.

An idyllic getaway for the couple to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary turns into a test for their union when they become embroiled in one of the Yucatan's most intriguing and unsolved mysteries.

It's possible to think of it this way: “The Resort tells the beginning of one love tale, framed by the beginning of the end of another.”

It all begins innocently enough when the couple “discovers a phone tied to an investigation into the disappearance and death of three people and the destruction of the resort where it all occurred 15 years previously.”

However, he adds, “What follows next is difficult to put into words… It can get a little out of hand. But this isn't an “I guess we'll never know” mystery series. Everything will be clarified towards the end of the book.”

Trailer for The Resort

As the trailer describes, a young man named Sam (Skyler Gisondo) goes missing in 2007 while on vacation with his parents and girlfriend at the Oceana Vista Resort. A little time afterward, Violet (Nina Bloomgarden) also went out. In a disturbing scene, her father (Nick Offerman) reveals that she “wanted to spend Christmas here, but she didn't want to spend it with me.”

Noah and Emma's search for the truth may be more complex than they first believed. How will Noah feel if he can't get an answer from his wife? She responds prophetically, saying, “It's a given that there is. Because if you don't have a purpose, what's the use?”

A throwaway sentence, prop, photo, article of clothing, music cue, and smell are just some of the clues woven throughout the film to help viewers piece together the bigger picture, according to Sara. She adds that nearly everything is deliberate. If that's your thing, you're welcome to join in searching for solutions.

While this show is perfect for those who only watch one 30-minute TV show before passing asleep after a long day at work, “if you enjoy shows where you can switch off your brain and go on a pleasant ride while nursing your drink, wine, popcorn, or dish of ice cream—this show is for you, too.”

“A multi-generational, coming of age love story disguised as a fast-paced mystery about the disappointment of time” starring Luis Gerardo Méndez and Gabriela Carol the series. Michael Hitchcock, Becky Ann Baker, Ben Sinclair, and Dylan Baker are among the many special guests.

Co-showrunner, executive producer, and writer Allison Miller (Angelyne) join Siara as a cast member on the show. Sarah Matte works as a co-executive producer alongside Sam Esmail and Chad Hamilton of Esmail Corp (through Anonymous Content).

Regarding the series description's reference to “the disappointment of time,” Siara, who previously handled the theme of time in Palm Springs with Max Barbakow, has some thoughts on that.

“The answer to this question is given in the show's first scene, in the most literal meaning possible. In addition to that small mystery tidbit, perhaps it relates to our diminishing memories, our decaying bodies, and, most importantly, our increasing apathy as we age, “he responds.


“Maybe there's a lack of supply. Or is it possible that there is a surplus? Unfortunately, this cannot be very encouraging. Let's put on some nostalgic goggles and soothe the pain.”

The first three episodes of The Resort will air on Peacock on Thursday, July 28, with fresh episodes airing every week following that.