The Real Kyle Baugher: Kelly Reilly’s Husband’s Secret

Even Kelly Reilly's most ardent admirers may be unaware that she and her “Yellowstone” co-star have been married since 2012. With so many interesting storylines to discuss, it is understandable that she would rather talk about her divisive role as Beth Dutton than her personal life or even her relationship.

The actress has always kept a low profile regarding her relationships. Don't forget that she's been married. After dating JJ Feild from “Captain America,” this wasn't the first time she'd dated an actor.

In 2008, she became engaged to Israeli actor Jonah Lotan (according to Ranker). In 2011, the couple decided to call off their weddings.

If she's not filming her hugely successful Paramount TV program, in which she's paired up with Rip, she even acknowledged to Esquire in January 2022 that she loves to spend time out of the limelight when she's not filming there.

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“Outside of ‘Yellowstone,' I split my time between New York City and a rural part of England. The ocean surrounds me at the very end of the island in New York City. I feel isolated from the rest of the world. “The celebrity explained.

Kelly Reilly Hints About Her Husband on Instagram

The only other thing I can say about him is that he's not an actor or in the industry,” Reilly told The Guardian of Baugher in her initial interview with The Guardian. Although Baugher has no connection to Hollywood, he does earn a living through his work as a banker, according to Parade.

Baugher's identity is unknown. His LinkedIn page says that he graduated from Princeton University in 1998 and that he was born and raised in New York City. His estimated net worth is $800,000. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Reilly's net worth to be $5 million, so the pair is doing quite fine!

According to Parade, the pair was married in Somerset, England, which is the last item of information fans have about Reilly's spouse. We also know that Baugher's celebrity wife is happy since she told the Evening Standard in 2015 that she decided it was time to “try if I could get that balance back” after being married and happy in her career in theatre.

On-screen Love Interest Kelly Reilly

In the end, it's possible that we won't learn much about Reilly's real-life romance. For the time being, we'll have to make do with her on-screen romance with Cole Hauser. The chemistry between Rip and Beth on “Yellowstone” has been on fire since the show's first season.

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Reilly calls Hauser “one of my favorite actresses I've ever worked with,” and working on this connection with her has been “just so much joy,” as Hauser tells Cinemablend of working with Reilly.

An excellent example of this is the wedding that took place at the end of Season 4. Reilly spoke to ET Online about the couple's unconventional weddings, saying, “Their wedding is so beautiful, and it's just so Beth. She doesn't want a wedding or a bridal dress or anything like that. She is well aware that all she cares about is being his wife… In a weird, heroic sense, I find her admirable.”

Cole Hauser's Wife Loves Kelly Reilly

Meanwhile, Hauser is in a committed relationship away from the camera. Cynthia Daniel, his wife, may look familiar to some of his followers. According to Taste of Country, she co-starred with her sister Brittany as Elizabeth Wakefield in “Sweet Valley High.” It was on this assignment, in fact, that she first met Hauser. They were married in 2006 and now have three children.

However, Rip's alter ego informed Outsider that Daniel's wife is completely on board with his work on “Yellowstone” despite their closeness.

As the actress put it, Daniel is “one of those great ladies,” who has been with her for so long that she understands exactly what we do. “She doesn't see any of that,” the celebrity added of her long-term partner.

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As a result of this, “She adores Kelly and enjoys spending time with him. The family is small and she lives in Montana, so it's not a big deal.” Since Baugher is still married to Reilly after all those hot sessions, we're going to assume he feels the same way about Hauser.

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