The Queen of Flow Season 2 Release Date : Plot | Cast | Where To Watch It?

“The Queen of Flow” premiered on Caracol Televisión in June 2018 and ran for a total of eighty-two episodes through October of the same year.

The series was a massive hit in Columbia, and it made significant strides internationally when it became the first Columbian production to win a worldwide Emmy for Best Soap Opera.

It attracted a significant audience when it was rerun in approximately eighty remarkable foreign places throughout its initial run. It concluded that the sitcom had even more fans after Netflix began broadcasting it on their site.

Following such a successful first season, Caracol Televisión has announced a follow-up on Instagram that will be available almost immediately. As a result, the COVID-19 pandemic was forced to halt its filming.

This way, everything is back on track, and fans can prepare for another season of the reggaetón-inspired tragedy. Here is everything we know about the upcoming premiere date of The Queen of Flow season 2 that we have gathered so far.

Plot Summary for the Queen of Flow Season 2

The story of Yeimy Montoya, a 16-year-old humble and talented young lady who enjoys listening to urban music, is told in The Queen of Flow. She has aspirations of becoming the best singer in the artistic medium that the world has ever seen, and she is confident in her abilities.

The Queen of Flow Season 2 Release Date

She had no idea that her dream had only lasted for a brief period. Her desires are curtailed when she is betrayed by the man or woman she has relied on most. She is madly in love with Charly, who has set himself the goal of becoming a significant fraud.

He no longer takes her songs; instead, he sends her to the United States with drugs in her possession. She is sentenced to incarceration in a New York jail and loses her family, who is murdered following the drug mafia's regulations.

Yeimy re-enters the world after 17 years, this time with a fury ingrained in her psyche. Her only motivation now is to eradicate all the people who have devastated her life, including her relatives.

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The actress takes on a new identity as Tamy Andrade, a wealthy reggaeton producer, effectively ends Charly Flow's music career. She eliminates all her opponents, becoming one of them in the process.

The Queen of Flow Season 2 Cast Members Is Listed Below!

The Queen of Flow Season 2 Release Date

  • Mariana Gomez takes on the role of Irma “El Huracán.”
  • Carolina Ramirez plays Yeimy Montoya.
  • Diana Wiswell will play Catalina Bedoya.
  • Juan Camilo Mesa is played by Andrés Sandoval. “Juancho”
  • Mariana Garzón will take on the character of Vanessa Cruz Granados in the upcoming film.
  • Adriana Arango will portray the part of Ligia de Cruz in the next film.
  • Carlos Torres will take on the role of Carlos Cruz “Charly Flow” in the film.
  • Pedro Ochoa is known as Boho.
  • Dver Cruz “Mann” is played by Lucho Velasco.
  • Mike Rivera will be played by Marcelo Dos Santos.
  • Juan Palau is known for being a drama queen.
  • Pedro Roda is a person. José Serna's full name is José Serna.
  • Luna Baxter will play Silvia Duarte.
  • Juan Manuel Restrepo will take on the role of Erik “Mateo” Cruz Montoya ‘Pez Koi' in the film.
  • Erik Rodrguez in the role of Titano

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The Queen of Flow Season 2 Premiere Date Has Been Set

The series' makers evaluated the resume of La Reina Del Flow in October 2018, and the show's second season premiered on Caracol Televisión on April 26, 2021, and on Monday, April 26, 2021, at 8:00 p.m.

As a result, it is currently strolling into Colombia and is not available on Netflix. However, it has increased the likelihood of La Reina Del Flow Season 2 being released on Netflix in a brief period.

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As a result, Netflix is required to issue a formal notification regarding the same, although they have yet to do so.

Trailer for the Second Season of the Queen of Flow

Where Can I Watch Season 2 of Queen of Flow?


The second season of “The Queen of Flow” is currently available to stream on Netflix.


That's everything you need to know about The Queen Of Flow season 2; I hope you enjoyed reading this page. Please keep checking back with us for more news and updates!