The Princess Switch 3: Get Excited For Vanessa Hudgens

With Jingles on the street, all stores are reindeer themed, and roads are stacked up with piles of snow. I am sure; you also got flashes of the last holidays when all were together, dining with an array of cuisines and gifts in hand. The nostalgia of last Christmas hits us all. A cocco bird whispered in my ear that winter with a surprise is back. This Christmas, we will get to witness the charm of Vanessa Hudgens sprinkled all over with royal magic. This year's Christmas will bring you the final movie of the Princess switch trilogy: Princess switch 3.

There are these things that always remain constant, like the sun rising from the east, Netflix producing great shows and Vanessa Hudgens playing royalty. I guess some roles are just meant to be, and Vanessa has found hers.

The original Story The Princess Switch 3

It all began in a small bakery in a small American suburb. Stacy DeNovo, who believes in every next step being calculated, ended up in a baking competition in the royal palace. She came with her lifelong friend Kevin, a single father, and his daughter.

Everyone's life has some of the other miracles waiting around the corner. Santa gives her one huge Christmas miracle this time, as she discovers her doppelganger Lady Margaret Dalacourt, Duchess of Montenaro, having totally opposite nature to her as she is a free-living jolly personality. It's as if their souls had been switched at birth, and Stacy, who was meant for discipline, had too much freedom, and Margret, who yearned for it, has nothing but rules and restrictions.

Stacy gets an offer from Margaret to switch their places for two days as her crown doesn't allow her to unchain herself into a world of possibilities. The decision changed the course of both lives as they fall in love while switching roles.
Stacy got proposed to by Prince Edward, and Margaret fell in love with Kevin. A two-day experiment took a wild turn towards a lifetime of adventure.

The Princess switch 3

The Princess Switch: Switched Again

With the Demise of Margaret's father, she is handed the responsibility of ascending the throne of Montenaro. With New responsibilities on board, she and Kevin couldn't make it work long distances. That's when Stacy decides to switch again to give both of them some time to rekindle what they have forgotten. But Stacy got an abducted adventure which followed, culminating with the marriage of Kevin and Margaret as she proposed to Kevin at the last moment when he was about to take the flight.

When they thought their life was all sorted, Margaret's evil cousin Fiona appears at the scene. Wait!! She is identical too. With the intention to grab the throne, Fiona proposes to make another switch. With a hilarious set of events ending in the resolution of conflict, both Stacy and Margaret are successful in gaining back their happy lives, and Fiona gets away with a slap on the wrist.

The Princess switch 3: Triple Trouble is Back

Hudgens, in many interviews, has put to rest the speculation that she will not play a fourth role, and three wigs are all she will wear. I am sure we all are excited about the third instalment of the trilogy.

So the story runs like this. When an ancient relic of the royal palace gets stolen, Queen Margaret, princess Stacy and lady Fiona come together to retrieve it. Fiona enlists the help of an old friend, and this leads to the spark rekindling the romance and ultimately also leading to an unexpected switch. We all are surely excited to see who swaps with whom.

Cast in the Movie

The entire original cast is returning. It comprises Vanessa Hudgens in the lead playing three royal ladies, Sam Palladio, Nick Sagar, Florence Hall, Ricky Norwood, Suanne Braun, Mark Fleischmann, and Robin Soans.

The new faces are Will Kemp, Amanda Donohoe and Remi Hii. Kemp portrays Hunter Cunard, a sophisticated international hotelier and collector of valuable antiques and rare artefacts.

Release Date of The Princess switch 3

With its release around Christmas 2021, it's a part of Netflix's holiday ensemble, including the upcoming Single All The Way, A Castle for Christmas, and A Boy Called Christmas.

Wrapping up

Everyone is really excited to see what switch Stacy, Margaret and Fiona manage to pull off. I am sure you will enjoy this thriller movie. Be sure to drop a comment. Do like, share and subscribe to our website to find more interesting movie reviews.