The Price of Family Review: An Unforgiving Game that Imprisons All Participants!

Directed by Giovanni Bognetti, The Price of Family, or Natale a tutti I costi in Italian, is a sad but ultimately heartwarming tale of a mother suffering from empty-nest syndrome. Because the entire story unfolds against the festive setting of Christmas, it might also be considered a Christmas film that arrived late on the scene.

The movie's initial December 19th debut date was moved up. In the film's opening scene, Alessandra & Emilio are leaving the home they shared with their parents, Anna & Carlo. This article will discuss The Price of Family Review in detail. Keep reading to know more.

The Price of Family Story 

Carlo & Anna's children, Emilio & Alessandra, have left the nest to forge their own paths in life & the couple has trouble comprehending the ensuing emptiness at home. Devastated by the loss, they resort to producing a “Cafonal” pantomime to convince them to stop going away for the holidays & return home to celebrate the season with their loved ones.

It'll be exciting & surprising to see what happens next. As time passes & the kids get older, Carlo & Anna have difficulty accepting it. Alessandra & Emilio are two children who, after leaving the nursery & moving to the city to pursue their ambitions, stop making themselves heard & seen, attending the funerals of relatives & as icing on the cake, showing up at home for the Christmas holidays.

The Price of Family Review

An angry & desperate Anna & Carlo decide to tell their kids they've received 6 million euros from a great aunt when the reality is much darker. The scheme succeeds & Emilio & Alessandra return to their parent's life; nevertheless, they also bring new challenges. This is the opening scene of The Price of Family, Giovanni Bognetti's charming & affectionate Italian adaptation of the French smash hit Mes très chers enfants by Alexandra Leclère.

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The local director, who has previously helmed successful comedies like Babysitters & Il Mammone, signs a cinematic makeover that moves far away from the crass & overtly peasant humor of the Italian tradition of cinepanettoni while yet honoring the ambiguities of its characters.

The Price of Family Review

The movie's primary flaw is that all of its depictions of the present feel dated and out of touch with the present. It's upsetting to see parents trick their grown children into staying at home. The kids, on the other hand, are completely oblivious to their parents' feelings and are also completely peaches.

True, Carlo & Anna epitomize the term “controlling parents,” & the story's progression certainly demonstrates all too well why the kids desire to escape. As soon as the film begins, it's clear that the filmmakers intended for the sequences involving the family to be comedic, but audiences will find them awkward & difficult to watch.

The Price of Family Review

You sit & wait, hoping that soon laughter will come, but it never does. There is awkward stillness as you wait for this to all come crashing down and end. It's strange, but even at 90 minutes, the film drags on a bit. Christian De Sica & Angela Finocchiaro, The Price of Family, Critique Films are depressing.

It's not the lie itself that bothers me so much as the stubbornness with which the parents stick to it and the ease with which they manipulate their children into putting their futures on the line so that they can live out their daydreams of having a good time. It's intriguing that Anna has trouble letting go of the umbilical cord, but she's counting on her daughter Alessandra to fulfill her dream of becoming a grandma.

Of course, the son will not be held to such standards. The writing in The Price of Family is so trite & depressing that it won't make you laugh & will make you feel icky with its 18th-century perspective. The manipulation is vile & the fact that it tries to tease us with these ridiculous &, quite frankly, cruel circumstances just serves to anger & poison the atmosphere.

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When everything is resolved too quickly, that's the final knife in the back. There is no turning point or moment of redemption, but Christmas is a time of forgiving even the worst wrongdoings because, well, it's Christmas. It's the law, after all.


The Price of Family makes no pretenses about being anything more than a sorrowful recounting of unpleasant family matters for the sake of a few laughs. The atmosphere is oppressive and stifling, and the pervasive deception makes you feel irritated rather than happy.

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