The Price of Family Ending Explained: Do Anna and Carlo Celebrate the Holiday With Emilio and Alessandra?

Giovanni Bognetti will helm the Italian comedy The Price of Family in 2022. Originally released in France in 2021, Price of Parenting was helmed by Alexandra Leclère and is the basis for this adaptation. In this article, we will discuss the explanation of The Price of Family in Detail. Keep reading to know more.

The Price of Family Plot Synopsis

As their son Emilio and daughter Alessandra prepare to go to the city, Carlo and Anna say their goodbyes. Anna is upset by their departure and begs them to return soon. Anna is frustrated since Emilio and Alessandra haven't visited in 15 months.

Carlo does his best to console his wife and make excuses for his kids, but he realizes that this is futile. Anna has planned a wonderful birthday dinner and cake for her daughter Alessandra but they both end up missing the celebration.

They stop by Alessandra's place on the way to the city to meet up with Emilio for a drink. They spot her standing outside, and when they call, she reluctantly answers the phone and tells them she can't make it home for Christmas after all.

They take this devastating news and go to a pub, where they meet Emilio and his nasty boss. Even Emilio has plans to be away for the holidays this year. Carlo tries to comfort Anna after she learns that neither of her children will be home for Christmas.

Alessandra and Emilio don't hear from their parents for two weeks, during which time they become increasingly concerned for their safety. Grandma answers the phone and explains that Anna and Carlo are probably too preoccupied to return their calls because they recently inherited a large sum of money from their Aunt Tea, who passed away.

Upon finishing a pleasant meal with their parents, Alessandra and Emilio learn that their parents have received a total of $6,000,000 from their Aunt Tea. Children try to hide their excitement at this development.

Anna and Carlo's assumption that their children would return if money was involved is confirmed long after they have left when they reveal that the bequest is a fake. Carlo claims he can keep up the charade of affluence until Christmas.

While Carlo and Anna search flea markets for the highest quality knockoffs, Alessandra and Emilio celebrate the money that has yet to arrive. Until Christmas, Carlo even borrows a Ferrari from the local impound.

Alessandra and Emilio are worried because they continually brag about their purported wealth in front of their children, but they never promise to give them any of it. Meanwhile, news of this rumored inheritance spreads rapidly, leading to even more complications.

The Price of Family Ending Explained

Where Does Emilio's Story Go From Here?

When Emilio's supervisor learns that his family has recently come into a large sum of money, he offers him the chance to become a partner in exchange for a sizable donation. Over a round of golf, he makes his pitch, and Carlo says he'll think about it.

Carlo witnesses Emilio being ridiculed by his boss again when he attempts to tell him the truth later and decides to withhold it. Instead, he offers Emilio a partnership in the company and $200,000 in exchange for a gift.

Where Does Alessandra Stand?

When Alessandra hears she may be receiving a large sum of money, she is overjoyed because she thinks it will allow her to realize her ambitions. Her relationship with Rocco is destroyed when she reacts adversely the first time Carlo and Anna declare they would not be sharing the money.

Anna goes to see Alessandra tell her the truth, but when she learns of her daughter's predicament, she chooses not to pile on and instead invites her to spend the night at home. While living in a suite at an upscale hotel, Alessandra finally tells her parents that she wants to launch a tea salon but requires financial backing from them.

How Honest Are Carlo and Anna With Their Kids?

Carlo and Anna finally welcome their children home to tell them the truth after years of deception, but Anna has a nervous breakdown and instead tells them that Carlo is dying and they need to put money aside for his medical care.

They assure them that they will be spending the holiday apart seeking medical advice from specialists around the world but will return in time to spend it together as a family. To see if their friends Carlo and Anna, who were supposed to be in Paris at the time, were indeed there, Rocco and Alessandra decided to video call them.

Emilio lost his job, she says, so they want her to include him in the conversation so they can console him. Emilio's parents are standing in the kitchen in front of a sheet with the Eiffel Tower as he arrives home to pick up some shirts and tell his friends that he is in Paris. They have no choice but to tell their children the truth, and their children are devastated.