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The Peripheral Season 1 Review – Stream It or Skip It?

The Peripheral Season 1 Review: There is a brand new Prime Video Sci-Fi Thriller series called THE PERIPHERAL. It was made by the same people involved in Westworld & is based on a novel by science fiction author William Gibson. Simply put, you can anticipate stunning sights & a compelling storyline, with a potentially dangerous future. It’s possible that The Peripheral might have received worse reviews from less lenient critics.

After all, it’s not a flawless program by any means & there are instances when it’s difficult to understand what’s going on. In any case, The Peripheral is so entertaining that it’s tough to remain disinterested in its many plot threads. It’s like a video game; sure, the plot is implausible at times, but who can say no to thrilling battle sequences, cutting-edge visual effects & ambitious visions of the future?

The Peripheral Season 1 Plot Synopsis

Chloe Grace Moretz plays Flynne Fisher, a young adult in the year 2032 who is taking care of her ailing mother, in the film The Peripheral. Burton, her older brother, has a trailer parked near their mom’s house. He served his country & in the year 2032, the military opted to use squads with cybernetic enhancements to increase cohesion and efficiency.

The Peripheral Season 1 Review

Burton, though, is left with some after-effects that he must manage on a daily basis. Burton spends his free time guiding other players through VR games, where his military expertise gives him a distinct advantage. It’s clear from an away, though, that Flynne is a seasoned gamer, albeit with a certain streak of recklessness that her brother, a trained soldier, lacks.

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But when Burton is offered a new type of headset to try & the promise of a large sum of money they need for their mother’s medicine, he can’t say no. Instead, he asks Flynne if she can enter the game as him, seeing as how it was her performance that won them such a rare invitation.

The Peripheral Season 1 Review

The first episode of The Peripherals reveals that Flynne is in London in the year 2099 & that when she enters the ‘game,’ she is actually entering a body that has been built for her consciousness in the future; this is where the show’s name comes from, as she is entering a ‘peripheral.’ It’s not the London you or I or even Flynne would expect; there are huge skyscrapers on the city’s outskirts along with destruction rubble & other indicators of a crumbling world.

The Peripheral Season 1 Review

Of course, you won’t have the answer to the question of why Flynne has been dragged into the future any time soon & that’s just one of the many questions left on your lips once the premiere ends. After watching the first 6 episodes, I can say that the world is being established, however slowly. Bringing his thriller/horror background to The Peripheral, Vincenzo Natali directed the pilot & a few additional episodes.

Some transhumanist ideas are explored, along with other cyberpunk aspects & themes. The premise of the program is that you can enter a body that is or is not created to appear like yours, without the time-travel element & I hope the final 2 episodes or the next season dive more deeply into that area. If you’re feeling down after watching Westworld, The Peripheral is the next best thing.

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The show isn’t an exact copy, but it shares several similarities & clearly draws inspiration from The Matrix. In addition to being much more accessible than either of those two things, the show also plainly explains several topics later in the season rather than letting them linger for years, which is not to argue that it is dumbed down.


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