The Pentaverate Review: Plot | Is ‘Mike Myers’ Best And Worst Both?

The Pentaverate Review: “One that takes you out of yourself;” was my great auntie's definition of a good book – probably a lot of great aunties'; perhaps all great aunties'.

It's all I want these days from any of my entertainment sources.

Those who share this sentiment will swarm The Pentaverate like ravenous wolves (Netflix).

Mike Myers has been specializing in accomplished idiocy since the early 1990s; with shows like Saturday Night Live; Wayne's World; Austin Powers; the Shrek franchise; and various other efforts.

The Pentaverate Where To Watch


Netflix presently has “The Pentaverate” accessible to watch.

The Pentaverate, like Austin Powers, features Myers in a variety of roles – so many that until I indicate otherwise, you can assume he plays all of the characters named below.

The Pentaverate, unlike most secret societies, is beneficent.

They say, “They're nice!” Jeremy Irons, in full Jeremy Irons mode, informs us of this at the start of each episode with a voiceover.)

It was formed in 1347 by five intelligent men who were labeled heretics after discovering that the epidemic was caused by rat fleas, not divine intent.

Since then, it has been quietly working for the greater good.

Members include Charles Darwin, Leonardo da Vinci, Nelson Mandela, and the Quaker Oats man.

Donald Rumsfeld was a no-show for the position of Secretary of Defense. Billie Eilish will join the club in 2047.

Beyoncé Knowles is a Pentaverate double agent who works with the Illuminati.

Following the unexpected and unexplained death of Pentaverate member Eccleston, the society persuades Hobart Clark (Keegan-Michael Key) to assist them in combating the climate problem.

Irons is guided through the initiation by Rob Lowe, who is having just as much fun as Irons.

When Ken Scarborough, a mild-mannered Canadian journalist, is offered one final chance to save his job by reporting a hard-hitting story, he and his feisty assistant Reilly (Lydia West) travel to New York to investigate the reality of the supposed group.

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Getting Scarborough into the society's Liechtenstein Guard (you'll need a key fob and a circumcised penis) and getting caught up in those trying to destroy the Pentaverate for a million dollars or more.

The Pentaverate Trailer

The plot, on the other hand, is largely irrelevant. It's the thread on which Myers can hang his baubles, such as his role as the raving Maga-loon Rex Smith, who uses his radio show.

In his feverish diatribes against liberals “who dance naked, giving each other lizardman courtesy reacharounds as a sacrifice to the meme-momo,” he incomprehensibly uses buzzwords.

Throughout Ken and Reilly's road trip, there are numerous puns about Big Dick's Halfway Inn and its companion further down the highway, Big Dick's Old Log Cabin (in Nuts Deep).

Jennifer Saunders appears as the Maester of Dubrovnik, who examines Eccleston's death and discovers he was poisoned by a toxin known as Bennett, which causes the victim's brown eyes to turn blue. There's one for all Crystal Gayle's country music enthusiasts.

It's a nice, foolish, beautifully innocuous thing – and humorous, if you enjoy that type of thing, or if you're desperate for any kind of help.

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You could perform better or worse. But it should take you out of yourself for 25 to 28 minutes at a time, transporting you to a realm of mustard-robed elders, bad jokes, and general nonsense. Find it in Scrabble.

The Pentaverate Cast

  • Mike Myers
  • Debi Mazar
  • Lydia West
  • Jennifer Saunders
  • Richard McCabe
  • Keegan-Michael Key
  • Neil Mullarkey

Mike Myers Is Best And Worst Both

The Pentaverate, Netflix's new six-episode comedy series on conspiracy theories, has a lot of them.

“Can objective truth exist in the digital age?” for example. “What void do fevered QAnon imaginings cover in the American spirit?”

“Can a tiny number of elites be trusted to exercise power on behalf of the people?”

“Does anyone truly want a Mike Myers political comedy with a bunch of dicks and vomit and accent jokes in the year of our lord 2022?” is, of course, the most important question of all.

After all, it's been 14 years since Myers' previous star vehicle, The Love Guru—a picture so misguided and poorly appreciated that it effectively ended his reign as one of Hollywood's most dependably bankable comic actors.

Some of that nasty DNA finds its way into The Pentaverate, which gets bogged down on several occasions by the misconception that a poor Russian accent can be both the start and the end of a scene's humorous premise, or that puke and punchlines are interchangeable.

But there's an unmistakable delight in witnessing Myers, still, a comedic genius when he wants to be, go for it; in seeing an energetic actor who's been away from the landscape for so long fling himself into caricature after a caricature of damaged; insecure men.

While the show's unexpectedly high-quality prosthetics; costumes, and CGI handle some of the hard liftings, the core notion of The Pentaverate has Myers pulling double; triple, and occasionally quintuple responsibilities in its scenes.

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Myers' subtle, detailed depictions of many aspects of white male obsolescence keep the project from succumbing to its — and its creator's — worst inclinations.

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