The Pale Horse Ending Explained – Who Killed Mark?

The Pale Horse Ending Explained: Sarah Phelps' The Pale Horse brought menacing, eldritch anxiety to a dusty old whodunnit. It was a dark, adult look at murder, like Phelps' BBC adaptations The ABC Murders and And Then There Were None. It had issues. The endings confused many viewers. A supernatural twist at the end and murder solutions. Don't worry—we'll help. Let's examine each revelation.

Who Is the Murderer in the Pale Horse?

Before things become otherworldly, we find out who is on Jesse Davis' hit list of killers. The affable pharmacist Zachary Osbourne had been plotting to become a contract killer & believed he could get away with it by saying that people were dying as a result of witches' curses. Osbourne researched various individuals who could gain from the untimely demise of their wealthy or meddling relatives.

The Pale Horse Ending Explained

Respondents, he said, should visit the Much Deeping fortune tellers at The Pale Horse inn to discuss the unwanted relative. While she was dying, Jessie listened in on these conversations, providing Osbourne with the intel he needed to carry out the murder. He then went to the victims' houses while posing as a handyman & poisoned their food, cosmetics, or water with thallium.

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Mark Easterbrook becomes involved in the case when he learns that Osbourne murdered Jessie because she had compiled a list of all the people who had been listed by the fortune tellers. Mark was ultimately accidentally added to this group. The fate of Mark's late widow is unknown because she sought advice from psychics about her late husband's wealth.

The Pale Horse Ending Explained in Detail

But in the show's final moments, even that conclusion is called into question. He kills Osbourne & goes home, where he finds a newspaper announcing his own death. Meanwhile, he witnesses his Ist wife Delphine bringing the radio into the bathroom, where it will eventually cause her death by electrocution. Seemingly, he is doomed to spend eternity in a private hell where he is forced to repeat the tragedy of losing his Ist wife.

The Pale Horse Ending Explained

It's not really clear what's occurring here. Is Mark dead or just hallucinating because of the thallium poisoning? Although it is never explicitly stated, it seems that Mark has been cursed by his current wife Hermia, who had been told by the fortune tellers that Mark meant to kill her.

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Obviously, lots have changed but there are certain themes of the story which are massively important to him. So I didn't change that.” Essentially, she wound it up as far as it could go & saw what happened. The Pale Horse has undergone more revisions than any of my other works. But I do believe it accomplishes its stated goal of exploring the themes she was most enthusiastic about exploring in her writing.


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