The Orville Season 3 Release Date: Who Will Be the New Cast Member in This Season?

Fans of The Orville are eager to find out if the show will return for a third season, as streaming services and broadcasters have a history of canceling shows at the drop of a hat.

Is there enough Dysonium (or fuel) left in Seth MacFarlane's sci-fi comedy-drama to take us on any more interstellar adventures?

Is It Coming Back?

Yes! The Orville has been granted the go-light for a third season, but the show will no longer be broadcast on Fox. Instead, it will move over to Hulu where it will continue its run.
The cost of a Hulu membership is one key distinction to keep in mind.

The network does provide a free trial for a period of seven days, but after that, a basic subscription will cost you $5.99 per month to maintain access.


How to Watch It in the Uk

the orville season 3 release date

When the program was owned by Fox, viewers in the United Kingdom had the opportunity to watch it on FOX UK and to play catch-up with previous episodes on NOW.

Because there is no longer a FOX UK channel, several Fox series have transferred to Disney+; the good news is that one of these shows is The Orville.

It is possible that the next season will also be available on Hulu, which is owned by Disney. Seasons one and two are already uploaded and ready for viewing, and the streaming service is the new home of the show in the United States.

How Many Will There Be?

According to Cinemablend, even though there will be fewer episodes in the third installment, each one will be at least ten minutes longer than in the previous two installments.

Release Date

the orville season 3 release date

Season 3 of The Orville will premiere on March 10, 2022, after fans have been eagerly awaiting new episodes since May 2019. “The Orville: New Horizons” will also be referred to as the program.

Season three was initially scheduled to premiere in 2019, however, it was later pushed back. For the past two decades, my broadcast home has been Fox Entertainment, now known as Fox Entertainment, where I've had a deal with 20th Century Fox Television from the beginning of my career. “The Orville has been a labor of love for me,” MacFarlane said in a statement (via TV Line).

It became clear to me that I would not be able to offer new episodes until 2020 since the program has expanded and become more ambitious in terms of production.

That's when the conversation began about how we might best promote the third season in a way that was beneficial to the program. Executive producer and writer David Goodman told Trek Movie that nothing has changed when asked if the shift had any effect on the series. “What Hulu gives you is a greater degree of flexibility.”

“The way Seth conducts the program, we go with the flow. We discuss the episode or program we want to make, and then we write and create it. In addition, Hulu allows us to relax about the duration of the show once it has been produced.

So, there will be a wide range of lengths to choose from. If we were connected to a network, we'd have had to exclude certain material.
As a result of the global crisis, filming was suspended and the film will not be released until late 2020. But in 2021, The Orville returned to television.

The Orville Season 3 Cast

Although Halston Sage was killed off in season two, executive producer David Goodman said that they “love her and would absolutely want to find out ways that she can come back”.

Then he added: “I don't expect her to return as a regular. In any event, we would love to have her back in the plot, and I believe that she would welcome the chance.”
MacFarlane will reprise his role as Captain Ed Mercer, the show's executive producer and one of its stars.

  • Adrianne Palicki (as Commander Kelly Grayson)
  • Jessica Szohr (Lieutenant Talla Keyali)
  • Penny Johnson Jerald (Doctor Claire Finn)
  • Scott Grimes (Lieutenant Gordon Malloy)
  • Peter Macon (Lieutenant Commander Bortus)
  • J Lee (Lieutenant Commander John LaMarr)
  • Mark Jackson (Isaac)
  • Chad L Coleman (Klyden)

Norm MacDonald, who died in September 2021, will return as the voice of Gelatin Lieutenant Yaphet, as he had completed his voiceover work for the series before his death.

Seth MacFarlane wrote on Twitter about MacDonald following the news of his death. “To so many people in comedy, I included, there was nobody funnier than Norm MacDonald.”

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The Orville Season 3 Plot

the orville season 3 release date

However, Goodman has said he would want to explore the repercussions of Isaac's actions in “Identity” and “Identity Part II” in the following set of episodes (season two: episodes eight and nine).

“Is Isaac going to face any consequences for what he did?” “That's a question for season three because we didn't do any consequences in season two,” he remarked.
In an interview with Trek Movie, he explained: “We are still planning to make solo episodes. Although we have proved that we can go deeper into the Union, our alien characters, and ourselves, we still have a ways to go. As a result, the construction will proceed.

It's crucial to us that we keep to the show's framework, but… Those who have never watched the performance should not be left in a state of confusion. That's something we strive towards on a daily basis. Any new audience member will be put off by our snobbery.”

“There are things in the first couple of [episodes of season three] that clarify certain things, answering queries people may have had at the beginning of season two,” he stated when discussing any questions viewers could have had after viewing season two.

Season three, MacFarlane promised a Twitter follower, will “up the stakes.”

For those who have followed the show for some time, “all the things we've built up in the prior seasons, without mentioning them—the large and minor storylines we've returned to more than once—will be evident,” Goodman said.

To build on what we've already done, we're introducing new characters and plot threads.

The significance of taking things seriously was also brought up.

Goodman added, “The program can't just be exciting space action.” In our view, it is nearly our duty to comment on the current state of society and social norms. The characters are what keep people watching. Those heartfelt tales are the show's driving force.”

Two items are revealed in a teaser clip issued to coincide with the news that the program would return in March 2022.