The Newspaper Says That the Holder of the Title of Abel in Palmeras Does Not Stop at Porto Pepe, Becomes a ‘frenzy’ in Portugal

Francisco Ortega Returned to’s agenda Palm trees This is the last week, but it should be Argentina. The full-back is constantly speculated on in Verto, which is still looking for a tough left-back, and not rejecting a new player on the right because Marcos Rocha e Mackay Are often criticized.

Flamenco e International In addition, it was also considered in business போகா e River. Technically, the full-back is initially seen with a key strength in the defensive area, physical importance and participation in developing the offensive game.

With or without hiring in the field, Vineyard That’s still anyone’s guess. In his first year Brazil, Uruguay won three titles: Pakistan, Liberators e Brazil Cup. In addition to the best performances, it grew into a lateral concept Abel And is one of the fan’s preferences.


However, your permanence is not yet guaranteed. This Wednesday morning (23) newspaper ‘Sports’, From Portugal, That information Porto Follows the search for an already guessed athlete Europe At the end of last year. This is the club’s second Brazilian investment Pepe, Ex-Guild, A few months ago.

Second Nicola, Purpose Palm trees Have to go in between 12 and 15 million (PRL 75.28 million to PRL 94.10 million, at current prices) – The National-URU Is entitled to a portion of the final amount. Price takes into account the evaluation of certain skills such as basic Danilo e Patrick, Younger than Uruguay, rated in between 15 and 20 million.


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