The newcomer scales Mozart Cruziro with news for the game against Cois

(Photo: Gustavo Alexo / Cruciro)

There is news on the cruise for Mozart’s introduction. This Saturday at 9pm, the coach selected a line-up with more experienced players for the match against the Cois. The game is valid for 3rd round Series B of the Brazil Championship.

In defense, Mozart chose Eduardo Brock, 30, with Ramon, 26. Without right-back Cicero, who Tested positive for COVID-19 Going into solitude, Mozart chose Joseph in this field. Rafael Sophis returns to the squad after being banned by Felipe Concio last Wednesday.

Boarded the cruise with Mozart பிபியோம்; Joseph, Ramon, Eduardo Brock and Matthias Pereira; Flavio, Rumulo and Raphael Sophis; Bruno Jose, Airten and Gilherm Bisoli.

The only club not to score more points in the second division, The Ship Trying to win the match in Minneapolis to leave the lights of the match. So far, there have been two defeats for Confiana (3-1, Sergippil) and CRP (4-3, Belo Horizonte).

The fox is under a lot of pressure. After suffering Internal hyphens, Deliberately from the Council, the Board was the target of a massive demonstration from the fans this Saturday afternoon. Hundreds of people gathered at Doha da Rabosa II and the gate President Sergio Santos has asked for the resignation of Rodriguez.

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