The Most Effective Offensive Football Trading Strategies


Since football is so popular, it makes sense that investors, sponsors, traders, and people who bet on games will also be very interested in it. Because of this, football markets are always full, and a lot of money moves through them, giving traders a lot of great chances.

This post shows the best football trading strategies you can use in real time.

Football Trading

Football trading entails trading on live matches through various betting exchanges. Football traders take advantage of the fact that the price of a game can be predicted by buying or selling before or after the game starts.

Trading lets you back teams at better odds and lock in profits, so you don't have to worry about late goals ruining your bet. You have total control over how much you risk and the money you gain as a football trader. During play, you can change your positions in several ways based on goals, cards, substitutions, and even the way time goes by.

Football Trading Strategies

Most novices in trading believe that all they need to do to succeed is invest in a profitable trading strategy. In reality, you need control over your emotions when trading.

There are many good ways to trade in football, and here are a few of them.

Lay Down the Draw (LTD)

Nearly every football trader regularly employs this most well-liked in-play trading strategy. You lay a bet on a draw, then when the favorite scores a goal, the price rises because the favorite team is now in the lead and has a better chance of winning the game.

The odds of getting a draw are lower, so the price is higher. At this point, you can end the trade and make money. Even if the game ends in a tie, you have already won money.

Trading in Correct Scores

The lay-the-draw strategy is relatively safe and consistent, but the correct score strategies are far more thrilling. You can trade on the correct score market in a variety of ways.

The profits can also be much higher because the prices are much higher than the match odds, but that could also mean more risk because playing early in a match is particularly expensive. The match odds market only has three outcomes, whereas the correct score market has 19.

In-play Football Trading

In the last few years, in-play trading has become more popular as live football statistics and videos have become easier to get. You can trade on almost any betting exchange market with enough liquidity.

In other words, traders want to back and lay so you can match your bets.

In addition to Match Odds, Over/Under 2.5

The goal market is well known, even in lesser leagues. There is often enough liquidity to trade. Overs and unders are both used in several trading systems.

Some football traders only bet on under 2.5 goals, hoping to make a little bit of money while a game is still tied 0-0. Here, the same thing occurs, with prices fluctuating by the minute. In the event of an early goal, they might trade out in the hopes of recovering even before a second goal.

Trading Price Shifts (Swinging)

Swing trading tries to make money from price changes, which is almost the opposite of scalping. Stop-loss prices are usually farther away from the traded price because swing trading works best in markets where prices move around a lot and are likely to change.

With this trading method, people who can't wait often lose.

Before you take a swing, you should have a clear plan. When do you plan to enter? What will it take for you to leave?

Stealing Small Moves (Scalping)

The term “scalping” is widely used in the financial industry and is applied similarly in sports trading. Taking advantage of minute price changes is a vital component of the scalping trading strategy. Scalpers usually use a tight stop-loss and only try to make one or two ticks.

The markets with the fewest price fluctuations are the best candidates for this tactic. Or putting it another way, there is less chance of change.

Value Betting

Value betting is when you back or lay something because you think the odds are good. Value gamblers are aware that not every wager will be successful. They do, however, understand that they will profit in the long run if they only bet on things that are worth it.

Trading and “closing out” are just two other ways to take the value instead of letting the results of a large number of bets happen by chance.


This article discussed some basic football trading strategies and how to use them in real-time.