The Mean One Release Date: Plot | Cast | Trailer | Where to Watch | and All You Need to Know!

In December, the United States will release The Mean One, a slasher thriller with a holiday setting. It was written by Flip and Finn Kobler, and Steven LaMorte directed it. Because it is an unofficial adaptation of Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, the film avoids using any of the book's terminology at all.

After a live-action feature-length film in 2000 and a computer-animated picture in 2018, this appears to be the fourth screen adaptation of the story. The film also follows Cindy, who witnesses the murder of her parents at the hands of the Mean One, a savage green-skinned monster wearing a red Santa costume. She discovers renewed motivation to stop the monster twenty years later when it first begins to torment the village and threaten to ruin the holiday.

In addition, the movie's marketing team has announced the official premiere date. As everyone waits patiently for the wonderful news, let's dive into the film's long-awaited plot points.

Director Steven LaMorte
Finn KoblerFlip Kobler
David Howard ThorntonKrystle MartinChase Mullins

The Mean One Release Date: When Will It Air?

The Grinch joins the ranks of other iconic characters to get their own horror film with today's announcement that XYZ Films has bought the rights to The Mean One, planned for release on December 15, 2022.

the mean one release date

On December 15th, as a gift to horror fans everywhere, the United States will receive Steven LaMorte's insane slasher spoof. In this innovative comedy, David Howard Thornton plays The Mean One, a Santa Claus-hating grouch with green skin who lives on a hilltop above Newville.

Twenty years after The Mean One killed her parents, Cindy You Know Who (Krystle Martin) returns to her hometown in search of closure. Soon enough, though, the unfortunate victim will realize that this monster, despite having a heart only half as big as it needs to be, is anxious to carve the roast beast.

Who Will Be in the Mean One Cast?

In addition to David Howard Thornton and Krystle Martin, “The Mean One” stars Chase Mullins as Officer Burke, writer Flip Kobler as Lou, and Amy Schumacher as Mayor McBean.

Among the cast members are Christopher Sanders, who will play The Narrator, as well as John Bigham, Erik Baker, Robert DiTillio (as Don), Rachel Winfree (as a bartender), Steven Busby (as a news anchor) and Jessie Holder Tourtellotte (as a news anchor), Allyson Sereboff (as a nurse), Whit Spurgeon (as a bus driver), Ernie Charles (as an emergency medical technician) (as Stephanie).

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What Can We Expect in the Mean One?

The story of the Grinch has been told numerous times, most notably in 1966 animated musical How the Grinch Stole Christmas! portrayed by Boris Karloff and most recently in 2018 computer-animated The Grinch voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch.

the mean one release date

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), starring Jim Carrey, is the only live-action adaption that even approaches the horror genre. The live-action version of the movie gives us the creeps. LaMorte's decision to put his Christmas-hating monster in a slasher film may have been inspired by this later version.

Whatever the case, it sounds like the movie will be incredibly campy with a big serving of gore as The Mean One exacts his retribution on the bustling town below his vantage point.

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The plot of The Mean One will reportedly be similar to those of earlier films based on the Dr. Seuss book but with a few unique twists, as reported by Bloody Disgusting. Starring David Howard Thornton, the film will make fun of the horror slasher genre by mimicking its tropes.

Does The Mean One Have a Trailer?

Not as of this writing, there has been no official trailer for The Mean One. Production stills that were posted alongside the film's announcement are all we have to rely on. Since the premiere is still a few months away, a trailer could perhaps be released closer to the release date.

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Where and When Can I See The Mean One?

The release date for The Mean One is set for December 15, 2022. XYZ Productions claims that their film, The Mean One, will be released on December 22 and be freely accessible to stream “anywhere” on that date, making it the ideal candidate to replace The Nightmare Before Christmas.