The Lying Life of Adults Ending Explained: Why Did Giovanna Leave?

The Lying Life of Adults Ending Explained: When a series comes, often we won’t be able to comprehend the ending. Here, then, is a breakdown of how The Lying Life of Adults concludes to better prepare you for the recently broadcast Italian series.

The Lying Life of Adults, starring Valeria Golino, Alessandro Preziosi & Giordana Marengo, depicts the struggles of a young girl named Giovanna as she deals with her dysfunctional family during her formative years.

Based on Netflix's official synopsis, the show is about “two consanguineous Naples who, however, fear & hate each other: the Naples above, which has given itself a fine mask & the one below, which pretends to be excessive, trivial.

Giovanna goes up & down, tumbling and climbing, unable to make sense of the fact that anywhere in the city, high or low, there is no way out.

The Lying Life of Adults Plot Synopsis

Giovanna goes about her life trying to meet societal expectations. Andre & Nella see a lot of themselves in her academic failure, and they also see a lot of their aunt Vittoria. The similarities between the two are uncanny.

They were talking about how much like her aunt Giovanna was. Angela & Ida, Mariano & Costanza's daughters, became close friends with her as she confided in them about her inner turmoil. Giovanna's family is close with them because they shared her left-leaning upbringing.

She learns of their father's hatred for their sister Vittoria when she comes across some old family photos. Attempts to Photoshop her out of photos with them have been made. Giovanna worries that she takes after her aunt & that her father hates her for the same reasons.

She tells her mother the same thing & her mother gives her a map to find her aunt. Andre eventually approaches Giovanna & inquires as to her well-being, explaining that Giovanna is not at all like his sister. He is aware that she is after Vittoria. She will take advantage of him, he tells her & that will hurt him.

The Lying Life of Adults Ending Explained

Giovanna is surprised that Vittoria gets along so well with Enzo's family, including Margherita and their three children Giuliana, Corrado, and Tonino. Giovanna is friendly with them and even thinks Tonino is cute. What Vittoria said to Giovanna stayed with her. Her friend Vittoria had warned her to keep a close eye on her parents.

Their everyday actions belie horrible depths beneath the surface. Under the table one night, Giovanna catches her mother rubbing her foot against Mariano's. She has a sneaking suspicion that her mom is having an affair, but she doesn't say anything. The following day, she is rude to her mother and quickly moves on.

When the time is right, she introduces Vittoria to Angela, Ida, and their mother, Costanza. Vittoria notices the bracelet Costanza is wearing and gives it some thought. They visit a cathedral while in Vittoria's care & then continue on to a market, where they run into Enzo's children. Each person is assigned to a different store.

While everyone else is preoccupied, Giovanna summons the strength to tell Vittoria about her mother's extramarital affair. She begs her aunt to keep this information from anyone. While Vittoria keeps Andre in the dark about Nella, she does fill her in on the current whereabouts of her bracelet.

When Roberto, Giuliana's boyfriend & a popular religious speaker, sat down with her, she felt a sense of relief. He treats her as though she were important to him. She had the urge to have sex with another person for the first time ever. When she leaves the venue where Roberto will give his speech, she places the bracelet back in her aunt's coat.

At the theatre, Tonino gets into an altercation with some men who are obviously trying to pick up Angela. When Giuliana accuses Angela of starting everything, the group falls apart. While Tonino heads to Venice, Giuliana extends an invitation to Giovanna to join her in Milan.

The Lying Life of Adults Ending Explained: Giovanna’s New Pursuit

Giovanna, a 12-year-old who becomes close to her aunt Vittoria, thinks that adults are awkward and messy. She develops a pattern of romantic failure similar to that of her own adulterous parents.

Tomino captures her heart at first, but he ultimately chooses Giovanna's cousin, Angela. However, we also learn that Angela didn't adore Tomino but merely coveted him because of Giovanna's admiration for him.

In the future, Giovanna develops feelings for Roberto, a pastor who is engaged to her best friend Guillana. Because she doesn't want to repeat her aunt's tragic error, Giovanna refrains from interfering in Guillana's romantic life.

Giovanna realizes adulthood isn't easy when she gets caught up in trust issues, love, lust, anger, and drugs. Although not particularly large, it is packed to the gills with anguish and suffering. Giovanna is aware of the fact that nobody is flawless, but that a lie alone can beautifully illustrate a person's story.

After experiencing the downsides of adulthood firsthand, Giovanna decides to release the burden of her virginity. Giovanna goes in search of Rosario, a friend of Corrado's, a man she finds distasteful. Yet she trusts him enough to have her first sexual experience with Rosario without ever letting him see or touch her in her naked state.

Following that, she packs up her belongings and travels to see her other cousin Ida. After seeing her family fall apart, Ida emerges from hiding and decides to join Giovanna in her pursuit of independence.

The Lying Life of Adults Ending Explained

After seeing Angela have sex every night while Ida felt less loved and lost, Ida sought out Giovanna's company to escape the adulthood nightmare. Ida writes about losing her virginity to a housekeeper she despised but had no choice but to sleep in her diary La Vita Bugiarda Degli Adulti.

She only wanted to be sexually liberated, which is why she went with him. Giovanna sleeps with Rosario for the same reason, to forget the stress of sexuality. Giovanna and Ida end up leaving together to start a new life.

Why Did Giovanna Leave?

In the series' final scene, Giovanna & Ida are seen leaving their hometown via bus, having decided to start a new chapter in their lives. Since Giovanna has been let down by every adult she's ever known, she sees this as the next logical step. Meeting Vittoria shattered the ideal upbringing she had been given, revealing the hypocrisy & lies of her parents & others like them.

Roberto was a major motivating factor for Giovanna because he made her feel valued. She fell deeply in love with him & it wasn't just because of his charming demeanor. The conviction with which he seemed to uphold his ideals & his ideology also played a role. Yet by the end of the story, Giovanna has come to see that he, too, is concealing his true nature. Externally, he may appear to have everything together, but deep down, he is just like any other grownup.

Ida reveals in her final monologue that she, too, has been on this kind of adventure. Similar to Giovanna, she felt unloved after being ignored by both Giovanna & Angela. Both Giovanna & her mother shared a similar emotional state after their parents divorced due to her mother's affair. Ida, like Giovanna, has become disillusioned with the adults in her life & no longer wishes to conform to their unmet expectations. She doesn't want to follow the route they've mapped out for her; rather, she wants to blaze her own trail.

Given the parallels in their backgrounds, it stands to reason that they would escape together. Now that they've seen just how small their town really is, they're eager to travel beyond its borders without the supervision or influence of their parents. This is them deciding to stop letting the lies of the past control their lives.