The Lost Patient Movie Review: Slow but Intriguing Psychological Thriller!

The Lost Patient Movie Review: It's the latest French mystery thriller to hit Netflix. The word “mystery” suggests that there is something for the readers to deduce and guess at. Some people will figure it out ahead of time, while others will enjoy the twist. If you are familiar with the comic book by Timothé Le Boucher, you will understand the premise. This short (just 92 minutes) French thriller/mystery is a must-see for fans of the genre. Please be aware that the ending is likely to be met with mixed reactions. Read on for more of The Lost Patient movie review.

The Lost Patient Movie Review does contain spoilers

The film begins with four youngsters playing outside in the neighborhood and kicking a ball into the Grimauds' house. When one of the kids goes to get the ball, he or she discovers that the whole family has perished. The next scene begins with the miraculous recovery of Thomas Grimaud, the lone survivor, from a three-year coma. Thomas recovers his memory with the help of a therapist named Anna Kieffer and tracks down the perpetrator.

The Lost Patient Movie Review

A great blend of suspense and mystery, the film's reveal comes right at the conclusion. Knowing the narrative's conclusion is unnecessary if one has read the book, but seeing the characters come to life is a fantastic way to get into the story. Significant weight was added to the message that mental health concerns must be taken very seriously by the surprising turn the plot took near the end.

The Lost Patient's Cast, Cinematography Review

There aren't a lot of filler characters or pointless extras in the film. It didn't matter who performed what part because of how many there were. The unique personalities of each individual enriched the final reveal. The fact that the protagonist's life was being made more difficult by those who were initially presented as “nice” attracted me.

Excellent work was done on both the cinematography and the score. The ominous music at the beginning of the film, the occasional flashes of lightning, the eerie staircases, and the hospital rooms, all set to gruesome music, are all guaranteed to keep viewers interested in finding out what happens next. Surprisingly, there isn't a single jump scare, yet there is a constant tingle as one wonders where the tale will go next.

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The Twist

Intriguing surprises await you in The Lost Patient. The film is a failure, unfortunately. The film's climactic twist is crucial to Charrier's plan to save the project. The problem is that when it does come, it isn't quite as powerful as we had hoped. Instead, it makes you question, “Is this all there is to this film?” before making you laugh out loud in amazement. I won't name any movies because doing so would be giving away spoilers, but the twist has been used before and done better.

The Lost Patient Movie Review

Those other movies don't rely as heavily on the big reveal. They encourage us to take part as viewers and keep us interested the whole time. However, The Lost Patient gives off an exhausted vibe, as though the narrative is struggling to keep going. In the name of “unease,” “slow burn,” or “mood,” some people will tolerate it. Personally, I find the whole thing to be quite showy.

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There is no tension in the dinner talk. The sequence in which Thomas's mother looks at family photos lacks any sense of affection. The dark figure isn't oozing with unsettling energy, and the movie as a whole fails to create any tension. They don't seem to be letting the actors go loose and show their true passion. Even if Thomas remembers everything, in the end, The Lost Patient is unable to evoke the desired emotions from the audience.

Final Words

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