The Lost Patient Ending Explained – Who Killed Thomas’ Family?

The Lost Patient Ending Explained: A man in a coma for three years is forced to face painful memories when he comes to. Thomas Grimaud, the protagonist of “The Lost Patient,” experiences the tragic loss of his entire family in a single tragic night. His stomach had been stabbed, but he was still alive when they found him.

It appears that he is their only chance of discovering the truth about the deaths of their loved ones. Thomas has difficulty confronting painful memories & is frequently accompanied by a mysterious black-clad figure. Who is this mysterious individual who he holds accountable for his family's deaths? Should Thomas have faith in the hospital's ability to keep him safe?

The Lost Patient Plot Synopsis

Members of a family are discovered dead in their homes. Thomas Grimaud, a small boy, is the lone survivor and has been in a coma for three years. He learns that his mother and father were murdered by gunfire and that he was found with a knife in his stomach.

The Lost Patient Ending Explained

A therapist named Anna tries to assist him to recall important details in an effort to identify the killer of his loved ones. Laura, his older sister, is the first person he can recall seeing. Since the event, Laura has been missing, Anna informs him. Beginning with Thomas, she explores his past. Thomas is certain that an unknown assailant murdered his parents & is now planning his own murder.

Dylan preferred an upper-floor room to the one he was already occupying because of his dislike of the basement. When Laura confronted him about it, he pretended not to know what she was talking about. Betty almost rear-ended a girl one day because Laura was choking her to death.

Thomas begins to doubt Anna's intentions, but Anna assures him that she is the only one truly concerned about his welfare. This brings back another memory for him. The barking dog next door was finally put down. The people closest to Laura suspected her of being the offender.

The Lost Patient Ending Explained

In Christophe Charrier's 2001 film, The Lost Patient, the protagonist gradually recalls events from his past. After the tragedy, her mother Betty had a partner whom she called frequently and who hung around the house, and the rest of the family had changed. The entrance of his cousin Dylan, who stayed with the family for only a short time.

The Lost Patient Ending Explained

Upon overhearing his psychologist and one of the nurses having a conversation one evening, Thomas begins to think that his doctor is attempting to influence his memory. She begins to tell the young man that Laura has had behavioral issues ever since she was a toddler, but he cuts her off.

Anna tells him that he was abandoned as a youngster by his traumatized parents, and as a result, he grew up alone and channeled his anguish into violence. She inquires as to the source of his father's defeat complex. What caused his mother's icy demeanor? Only he made it out of the bloodbath alive.

Who Killed Thomas’s Family?

Thomas now understands after hearing the psychologist's assessment. Thomas killed his parents and cousin to retain them for himself. Dylan entered his home and received all the care and attention Thomas never received, even sleeping in Laura's attic room.

The Lost Patient Ending Explained

Thomas killed his parents. The first target is his father on the couch. Gunfire alarms his mother. He then shoots his cousin Dylan in the stomach before he can finish strangling him. After eating, he will watch TV on the floor. Thus, law enforcement found him. His brain has decided to forgive him.

He was framed by a sister, shattering memories. He can walk perfectly and has never been in a coma. To get the truth, his doctor plays along. Thomas is a monster who refuses to accept his actions. After the disaster, the singer on his TV is Laura.

Does Laura Really Exist?

First, Laura is not missing. Thomas's sister Laura, or the Laura he saw in her recollections, never existed. Thomas blamed Laura for his misdeeds. Laura, his true sister, died years earlier. Before his birth, a drunk hit her. He never met her. In The Lost Patient, Laura's misdeeds are reenactments of Thomas's harming others. He viewed them via Laura to avoid the truth.


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