The Last Kingdom Season 5 Release Date: Netflix, Renewal, Cast, Spoilers and Everything You Need to Know!

The Last Kingdom Season 5-In April 2020, The Last Kingdom returned for its fourth season, with Uhtred of Bebbanburg determined to defeat his opponents and reclaim his homeland. However, it has been blocked in its return to our screens ever since.

The first four seasons of The Last Kingdom were based on the first eight books in Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Stories series of historical novels about the birth of England in the ninth and tenth centuries. However, prolific author Cornwell has written five more books, leaving plenty of material for The Last Kingdom team to mine for the upcoming fifth season and beyond.

Here's all you need to know about season five of The Last Kingdom.

Is the Last Kingdom Season 5 Going to Be Renewed?

Netflix has confirmed that The Last Kingdom will be renewed for a fifth season, although no release date has been announced.

“We are incredibly pleased with The Last Kingdom, which continues to captivate audiences all around the world,” Nigel Marchant, Executive Producer of Carnival Films, said of the renewal.

“After such a positive response to the last season, we're ecstatic to bring it back for a fifth season on Netflix.” We're happy to give fans a chance to join Uhtred on the next step of his mission, mainly because he has such a dedicated fanbase.”

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Is The Last Kingdom season 5 going to be renewed? Source: deadline

“The fans have been great,” actor Alexander Dreymon (Uhtred) told Variety. It's all been based on word-of-mouth. We haven't had a lot of advertising in the past. Despite everything, we manage to stay afloat, and it's allowing the supporters. They're accommodating, courteous, and passionate. We're all appreciative.”

Regrettably, Netflix has also revealed that Season 5 will be the show's final season.

Dreymon issued a statement (via Metro) in response to the story, admitting that he directed at least one episode of the last season: “It's been a dream come true to play Uhtred for five seasons. And I'm thankful for the opportunity to direct. As a result, I could even more appreciate our cast and crew's incredible ability and skill.

I'm looking forward to sharing it with our fans since none of this would be possible without them.”

The fifth season wrapped its production in June 2021, and it appeared that Uhtred's adventures were coming close. Dreymon, on the other hand, said at a virtual panel at MCM Comic Con in London last month that he would be donning his armor once more for a two-hour film that will conclude Uhtred's saga.

The film's climax, Seven Kings Must Die, is set to begin production in Budapest early next year. Fans are already guessing about what the feature-length episode will be about, with fans of Cornwell's novels pointing out that the title might be a reference to a line from his book Death of Kings, in which Uhtred is given a terrifying prophecy:

“Seven kings and the ladies you love will perish, Uhtred of Bebbanburg… it is your fate.” And Alfred's son will not govern, Wessex will perish, the Saxon will murder what he loves, and the Danes will acquire all, and everything will change and be the same as it has always been and always will be.”

“Although season five properly finishes the series, there was always one more tale that we wanted to tell,” executive producer Nigel Marchant said in a Netflix statement announcing the film. We couldn't resist one final voyage with Uhtred, thanks to Netflix's fantastic support and the fans' insatiable thirst for more.”

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When will the fifth season of The Last Kingdom appear on Netflix? Source: BBccouk

When Will the Fifth Season of the Last Kingdom Appear on Netflix?

Unfortunately, no official release date for The Last Kingdom season five has been announced as of January 2022.

Unfortunately, there's no way to know when the show will air, thanks to coronavirus-related filming delays and an unpredictable release schedule.

The first two episodes were broadcast on BBC in October 2015 and March 2017, respectively. Netflix picked up the program, with season three premiering in November 2018 and season four premiering on April 26, 2020. Seasons one through four have all been released on an irregular basis.

Filming for Season 5 began in December 2020 and ended in January 2021. After filming concluded in June, Director Jon East shared the clapperboard of the closing sequence with the cast and crew.

The Last Kingdom Season 5: Release Date: Netflix, Renewal, Cast, Spoilers and Everything You Need to Know!
source: Linkedin

We first saw a video from the shoot on Twitter in April 2021.

“As you may have suspected, season five of The Last Kingdom is now in production.” We're fortunate to be in production right now, given the conditions,” Alexander stated in the video. “Everyone is contributing, things are going well so far, and we hope to be able to provide something truly unique.”

“I just wanted to thank you for all your ongoing support because we wouldn't be here without you, and we're all sending you loads of love,” the German actor said to the series' fans.

If we were to offer an informed prediction about when the program will air, we'd say April 2022. But, once again, we don't know.

Who's in the Cast of the Last Kingdom Season 5?

It's a guarantee that some cast members won't return for season five in a world where brutal fights are as regular as getting a pint at your local.
Ian Hart's father, Beocca, will not return after he has taken his final breath.

“We've always tried to demonstrate that the fights have genuine effects,” Nigel Marchant told “It was excruciating to lose Ian Hart, a brilliant performer, but we've always tried to show that the battles have real consequences.” “This is combined with Uhtred's rashness in believing that now is the appropriate time to reclaim Bebbanburg, notwithstanding the consequences.”

“As a result, he loses his father figure, the guy who has always been there for him, mentored him, battled with him, and in many ways served as his moral compass.”

Aethelred, played by Toby Regbo, was also told goodbye.

Marchant added, “I'd like to think that was true atonement.” “I read it that way.”

“I believe he learned from his errors and regretted them at those moments when you reflect on all you've done in your life.” I believe there is a point in his conversation with Aethelflaed where he admits how nasty he was. Ambition had gotten the better of me.”

Also killed were Cnut (Magnus Bruun) and Steapa (Adrian Bouchet).

Of course, Alexander Dreymon is back since the Last Kingdom would be incomplete without him.

“I believe the hardest problem is to keep it fresh, keeping it alive,” he said Backstage about the most challenging component of portraying this role. You're playing the same position, and what do you do after seeing your lover's head hacked off and tossed at you? That's a mind-boggling concept to grasp, and yet Uhtred continues to suffer horribly.”

Eliza Butterworth's Aelswith, who Adrian Schiller's Bethlehem poisoned, was a source of controversy.

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Who's in the cast of The Last Kingdom season 5?

Butterworth has confirmed her involvement and stated that she is having a good time filming the last season (via HeyUGuys).

“It's wonderful to be reunited with The Last Kingdom's family.” I was 21 when I started, and I'm 28 now, so I've been doing it for seven years, which is insane and incredible.

“The crew, the actors, the production, everything has become such a large family for us.” So to go back and do it during a pandemic when so many people were suffering, I thought to myself, ‘Wow, we're pretty blessed here.'”

Eliza Butterworth also hinted that the series finale would be uncertain, explaining the necessity for a two-hour follow-up special.

“The writers are incredible, and we've had some of them from season one to season five, so they know our characters like the back of their hands.” It feels like things have to be closed or tied up after a season, but it doesn't feel like that at all during the season; it doesn't feel like that at all, and it still gives room for the audience's imagination.”

“It was incredibly fascinating to play her in those more sensitive parts, not only emotionally but now physically,” the actress told We witness her utterly crumble and become quite frail. On the other hand, those around her are filled with pity and see that they require her presence. We don't know since it would be terrible to see her depart. “We have no idea.”

With Butterworth's return, she'll be looking forward to getting even nastier in season five and exacting her revenge. “I suppose the most fun component is that I appreciate her little, more sinister moments.” It's a lot of fun to play that because I hope I'm not like that in real life; seeing her be cold with people and have these very snappy comebacks is lovely. “I adore doing it,” she told The Daily Express.

Bethlehem may not have much longer in this world. On Fansided's Winter is Coming, actor Adrian Schiller confessed that his character's luck would be running out soon.
“It's hard to see how he'll make it.” When you observe someone trying to screw up the central characters and the people you care about, dramatic morality mandates that they die horribly. I'm guessing he's heading in that direction.”

If that happens, Schiller plans how things may turn out.

“I think it'd be intriguing if he did okay for two or three episodes and then tried to murder Aelswith again, or if he tried to get to the other kids or whatever.” In any case, he is discovered.

“I'd want to see him try to get out of it and perhaps come close to doing so.” That would be fantastic… I think the supporters want to see him getting horribly beaten up and then being put in a cell to stew for a while before being executed!”

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What will happen in season 5 of The Last Kingdom?

What Will happen in The Last Kingdom Season 5?

According to the official description from Netflix, “Uhtred realizes his fate is more than simply Bebbanburg: it is related to the future of England itself” in the fifth season.

“Assigned to teach King Edward's first-born son Aethelstan as a warrior, Uhtred's desire will have an even greater aim,” it adds. Uhtred, on the other hand, will have to face his greatest foe and suffer his most significant loss to fulfill his destiny.”

“I believe we want to portray the tale of these distinct kingdoms coming together and how that unification unfolds, and Uhtred returns to Bebbanburg,” EP Marchant told RadioTimes. Is he able to realize his dream? Is he able to locate his ancestor?

“What role does he play in bringing these kingdoms together?”

Dreymon said during the MCM Comic Con virtual panel that the fifth installment would unravel the events of Warriors of the Storm (book nine) and The Flame Bearer (book ten).

“Uhtred of Bebbanburg… commands northern Mercia from the heavily fortified city of Chester,” according to the Warriors of the Storm summary. However, forces are uniting against him. The Irish-allied Northmen, commanded by the ferocious warrior Ragnall Ivarson, are soon joined by the Northumbrians, and their combined power could be overwhelming.

“Despite the looming invasion, King Alfred's son Edward and daughter the flawed, who control Wessex, Mercia, and East Anglia, are hesitant to leave their strongholds.” But who can be trusted when Uhtred's daughter is married to Ivarson's brother?”

“Uhtred of Bebbanburg now gets the chance to reclaim the home his treacherous uncle stole from him so many years ago – which his cunning cousin still occupies,” according to the description for The Flame Bearer.

“However, fate is inexorable, as Uhtred's enemies and oaths combine to divert him from his desire of recapturing Bebbanburg, and Britain's shaky peace threatens to devolve into annihilation.”

Of course, just because it's based on those books doesn't guarantee it won't be altered significantly.

Season one was so close to the novels that we were astonished it didn't use full stops. Still, season two began a habit of departing from the text when villain Ivar Ivarsson was deleted and replaced with Viking brothers Sigfrid and Erik, who don't appear until book four.

“We don't want to stray from the novels; we want to keep the characters and spirit intact, but it doesn't always succeed.” But that doesn't rule out the possibility of seeing them again,” Nigel Marchant added (via Winter Is Coming).

So, even if you've already read Warriors of the Storm and The Flame Bearer, we're confident you'll be surprised, especially regarding one of the team's most complex challenges: translating two books set across six years. Someone call the make-up department!

“Now that we're at Season 5, where Uhtred is theoretically…,” says the narrator. In the literature, he starts at 54 and winds up at 60,” Dreymon added (via “Right now, that's difficult because we're trying to figure out how to make it appear as Uhtred has aged without making it look ridiculous.” “It's something we're working on.”

On June 16, 2021, the results of their labor were shown as the official Instagram account began to provide initial peeks at various time-jumped characters.

They began with (who else?) Uhtred, with a statement implying a leap into the future: “It's time to look ahead… “Who will join the quest, and who will fall?” continues the adventure.

Based on this first-look image, the make-up department isn't under as much stress as the wig designers for the Last Kingdom; Uhtred's longer hair appears to be bearing a lot of the time-wimey exposition in this frame.

But maybe the most striking contrast occurred on July 26 when Ewan Horrocks was revealed as Aelfweard, who we last saw as a small child. We've known for a long that Aelfweard has matured in Season 5, yet it still comes as a surprise. And, if the phrase on the poster is to be believed, he'll carry some adult responsibilities.

For additional first glances, check out the official Instagram feed, and see if you can identify any new grey hairs there.

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After nine and ten, there are three more volumes, named War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings, and War Lord, which will undoubtedly serve as the foundation for 2022's Seven Kings Must Die.

Cornwell stated on Facebook that The Saxon Stories' most recent novel, War Lord, is the final installment.

So, how does he feel about the series, mainly when some characters are eliminated or the plot of his novels is accelerated?

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He told Reader's Digest, “They have limits I don't have, and I understood that.” “I think they performed an outstanding job.” ‘Why didn't I cut the tale down like that?' I ponder as I watch it. It would have been a much shorter and more brutal novel. It was fantastic.”

“They've had a brotherly link in a manner,” Mark Rowley remarked of his character's relationship with Uhtred, according to The Express. Finan has a lot in common with Uhtred. Finan is one of the people with a chuckle, a typical boy, but he hides a lot, and I believe Uhtred has periods where he acts like a lad.

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“Both Uhtred and Finan are quite sensitive on the inside. They recognize those traits in each other, and I believe they both appreciate one another, which is quite important. If something happened to Uhtred, I believe Finan would step in and support the guys and maybe his family.”

When Will the Fifth Season of the Last Kingdom Be Released?

Unfortunately, no trailer has been released yet, so we'll have to cross our fingers and hope to the Gods that one will be released soon. Meanwhile, watch the season four trailer above to refresh your memories.

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Most trailers appear in the month preceding the show's launch, so we'll have a better idea once we know that date.

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We pledge to keep you informed as soon as possible. Meanwhile, save this page to your bookmarks and keep checking back.

Netflix has The Last Kingdom Season 5 accessible to stream.