The Newly Released “Kissing Booth 3”

The Kissing Booth 3 is an adolescent romantic comedy film directed by Vince Marcello and based on a script by Marcello and Jay Arnold. It was released in 2021. Following The Kissing Booth and The Kissing Booth 2, it is the third and final part of The Kissing Booth trilogy, based on Beth Reekles' novel of the same name.

What's In the Kissing Booth 3

Elle is still undecided about whether to attend Berkeley or Harvard after taking a road trip after graduation, despite Noah's plans to find an off-campus apartment for the two of them. When Noah and Lee's parents announce that they'll be selling the beach home where they all grew up, Elle, Noah, Lee, and Lee's fiancée, Rachel, agree to spend the summer there to assist with the sale.

While Lee shows Rachel his plans for them to visit one other on holidays while attending universities across the nation, Elle is unexpectedly presented with a deadline from Berkeley. Elle's decision to attend Harvard with Noah irritates Lee, but she pledges to make up by spending the summer fulfilling their beach bucket list of activities.

Chloe, Noah's acquaintance with whom Elle once suspected Noah of having an affair, arrives to the beach home, while Marco, whom Elle kissed, finds work in the region. Noah and Marco quarrel at the waterpark, causing Noah to chastise Elle for not recognising Marco still has emotions for her. When Elle tries to balance her time between Lee and Noah, tensions rise.

Elle is also having trouble embracing her father's new girlfriend, Linda, who is also a friend of her late mother, for fear that she may replace her. Noah reconciles with Elle when Chloe, who is dealing with her parents' divorce, encourages him to do so. Marco shows up during the Fourth of July celebration and fights and punches Noah again, but Noah refuses to respond.

Marco confesses to Elle that he still cares about her, but she rejects him. That night, Elle confronts her father about Linda, accusing him of dating her just for his own pride; in response, he furiously recounts the sacrifices he has made for her and her brother Brad, emphasising that she is not the only one who deserves to be loved. He rebukes, “You have no concept how disappointed I am right now.”

Elle rushes to see Noah at their location, unaware that he has seen her admission letter to Berkeley. Noah breaks up with Elle, fearful that she is only going to Harvard for him and would regret it. Elle is heartbroken because she is unable to fulfil a childhood dream of playing Dance Dance Revolution with Lee. Lee tells Elle that he has never meant to her in comparison to Noah, while she urges him to grow up and that all of her actions this summer have been about making everyone happy.

Elle's mother advises her to start thinking about “what it is that you want to accomplish” and then select a college based on that. While saying their goodbyes, Chloe and Elle chat about Noah, with Rachel overhearing their exchange. Rachel breaks up with Lee after seeing the problems in Elle and Noah's relationship, though she hopes they will reconnect eventually.

Wrapping Up

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