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The Invitation Release Date: What Is The Theme Of This Film?

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A Bit About The Invitation: While vacationing at an opulent house, a young woman discovers the horrifying and terrible reality of her family's past.

Quick Facts About The Invitation

  • Director: Jessica M. Thompson
  • Music composed by: Dara Taylor
  • Producer: Emile Gladstone
  • Executive producers: Jessica M. Thompson, Michael P. Flannigan
  • Production companies: Screen Gems, Mid Atlantic Films

The Invitation Release Date

August 26, 2022

The Invitation Release Date and Where You Can Watch It?

“The Invitation,” which was formerly known as “The Bride,” is unrelated to the same-titled, critically acclaimed 2015 horror movie by Karyn Kusama (although it does give me a valid excuse to plug that thriller).

The Invitation Release Date

Recently, the film's marketing campaign was launched by, appropriately enough, releasing its trailer in theaters before it was made available online.

On August 26, 2022, Sony has set the release date for “The Invitation,” which will compete at the box office with Julius Avery's superhero feature “Samaritan” and filmmaker Deon Taylor's horror thriller “Fear.”

Since 2019 and the release of movies like “Ready or Not” and “The Night House,” late August has generally become a launchpad for high-caliber horror fare.

I would also include the 2018 film “The Little Stranger” on this list, not the least of which is that it is a lesser-known Gothic horror drama with the potential to share a lot of similarities with “The Invitation.”

What Is The Theme Of The Invitation?

Following its official synopsis, “The Invitation” is a “modern horror-thriller that follows the story of a young woman who is courted and taken by surprise before realizing a gothic plot is at work.

The Invitation Release Date

That seems like the beginning of just about any Gothic romance one could imagine, from Guillermo del Toro's swoon-inducing love letter to the genre “Crimson Peak” to literary classics like “Jane Eyre” and “Rebecca.”

The “Invitation” trailer, which is currently playing in theaters, was seen by Bloody Disgusting, who noted that it “has a similar vibe to ‘Bram Stoker's Dracula.

That suggests a plot similar to del Toro's paranormal romance, but with a vampire threat (thus the “Dracula” reference) rather than a spooky mansion full of ghosts as its central conflict. Horror fans should keep an eye out for any movie that makes them think of Francis Ford Coppola's lavish “Dracula” remake.

The Invitation Cast

Nathalie Emmanuel, a veteran of “Game of Thrones” and “The Fast Saga,” co-stars in “The Invitation with actors Thomas Doherty from “Gossip Girl,” Sean Pertwee from “Gotham,” Stephanie Corneliussen from “Mr. Robot,” Alana Boden from “Mr. Selfridge,” Hugh Skinner from “Fleabag,” and Courtney Taylor (“Insecure.”) Initially scheduled to be Emmanuel's co-star opposite him in the movie, Garrett Hedlund withdrew, and Doherty took his place in October 2021.

The Invitation Release Date

Emmanuel's choice of the role is noteworthy for several reasons, not the least of which is that she plays a woman of color in a Gothic horror-thriller, a genre that white actors generally dominate.

She has consistently delivered outstanding work as a franchise supporting character throughout the years, including her voice work as the endearing Gelfling Deet in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.”

The starring role in “The Invitation” was Emmanuel's logical (and well-deserved) next step in her career after her compelling performance as a jewel thief in the “Army of the Dead” prequel “Army of Thieves” more recently gave her more of the attention to herself.

Not All Family Can Be Trusted: “The Invitation” Trailer Illustrates!

The official trailer for Sony Pictures' upcoming horror/thriller The Invitation has been revealed, and sometimes having more family isn't necessarily a good thing. They are inviting viewers “to a nightmare generations in the making,” the trailer.


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A young woman named Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) sends a DNA test and receives the results shortly in the trailer's opening scene.

Although everything seems to be going well when she meets Oliver, Evie's initial reluctance to accept Oliver's invitation to a wedding in England means that there may be problems lurking just across the pond.

Evie finally makes it to the family's stunning home, which, as the teaser shows, has a deceptive appearance at first. As the wedding preparations go, Evie starts to notice strange things. Despite the family's and other wedding guests' apparent generosity, Evie senses something is off, and she asks questions that no one honestly answers.

There is no clear way out for Evie when the trailer hits its climax, and more about the family's sinister and gory secrets are revealed.

The teaser also teases a visual and audio feast for viewers to heighten the creep factor, in addition to the unsettling plot laid out for viewers. The lighting in the trailer gradually gets darker as Evie starts to grasp how dysfunctional the family is, drawing viewers into the world of the film.

The manor's lavish interiors and exteriors are presented in the production design, which occasionally becomes overbearing when the family discloses its actual character and goals.

A gloomy instrumental track sets the mood right away in terms of music. Later, it is combined with usually quieter sounds to heighten the discomfort.


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