The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 15 Recap and Review: A Tearful Departure as Su-yeong Sets Out to Find Herself!

Get the recap and review of The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 15. Follow Su-yeong as she takes a break to reflect on her future and navigate the emotional roller coaster of relationships. Learn about the consequences of misunderstandings and find out what happens next in this drama

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 15 Recap 

Sang-su wants to reach out to Su-yeong but is unable to do so. He asks Ms. Seo to tell Mr. Noh that Su-yeong is away on vacation for 10 days just in case she changes her mind. Mr. Yuk informs the staff that, at Mi-gyeong's request, she will be transferred to the Washington office.

She tries to reassure Sang-su that she is not leaving because of him, but she eventually gives up. She then expresses her concern for Su-yeong and her disappointment that the news is not what she had hoped for.

She eventually confronts Gyeong-pil and presses him for answers about his behavior in the past. Eventually, with tears in his eyes, he confesses that he liked her, despite having been told he could not. Due to his lack of confidence in their relationship, he decided it was best to make matters worse.

Mi-gyeong warns him to abandon his pretense of indifference since it makes him look desperate and will soon be obvious to everyone. At a company karaoke night, Mr. Ma kisses Ms. Bae in front of everyone and makes their love public.

A day later, Gyeong-pil invites Sang-su to lunch. Sang-su tells Gyeong-pil he doesn't think it was Gyeong-pil's fault, but he also doesn't want to talk to Gyeong-pil about what happened between him and Su-yeong.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 15 Recap and Review

To find out where Su-yeong and her family moved, Gyeong-pil interrogates the woman who started a restaurant in the space formerly occupied by Su-yeong's parents' restaurant. They returned to Tongyeong, she informs him and Sang-su.

Mr. Jeong tries to get in touch with Su-yeong but discovers that she has a new phone number and a new place to live. He even tries the bank, but Sang-su lets him know that she has left the institution.

Gyeong-pil exposes everything to Sang-su by sending him a recording of his chat with Su-yeong. Sang-su, unaware that Gyeong-pil and Su-yeong lied to everyone, refuses to listen to it when asked to.

Sadly, Mi-gyeong must now leave Korea. She tells her father that she and Sang-su broke up and expresses gratitude to him for providing for her throughout their final lunch together. For the first time, she realizes that receiving gifts from him is his method of expressing his feelings for her.

Mi-gyeong bids Sang-su farewell and asks him to drop her off at the airport. She returns to her hometown and runs across a friend of her brother. That night before he passed away, he told her brother that he had caught their mother in the company of another guy.

Su-yeong sobs as she recalls the hurtful words she spoke to her father. Her father tells her that he has no idea why he stayed with her mother, but that the only thing that matters to him now is that Su-yeong is happy.

The mom of Mi-gyeong pays a visit to Sang-su's mom. Despite the fact that their children are no longer together, she hopes to continue seeing her and spending time with her. After getting wasted with Seok-Hyeon, Sang-su deletes the recording Gyeong-pil sent him and doesn't even bother to listen to it.

After considering her options, Su-yeong decides not to confront her mother about the times she let her father take the fall for her actions. Instead, she is successful in persuading her mother to let her obtain treatment for her injured leg.

Later, she visits the beach and discovers that her sand fortress is still standing. Sang-su, who has been drinking, shows up there instead of at work and breaks down in tears upon seeing her. While Sang-su is out of the office, Gyeong-pil and Ms. Seo fill in for him.

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Sang-su has prompted her to consider leaving her work once more. Su-yeong assures him that she would give him a ring when she arrives in Seoul. Sang-su, the narrator, claims that he never got another chance to spend time with Su-yeong after this.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 15 Review

In a way, that was to be expected, right? Su-yeong needs some time alone to think about her future and figure out what she really wants. Her approach has been about as effective as trying to brew tea in a chocolate teapot, and things have now come to a head with molten chocolate covering the entire counter.

Su-yeong wanted to show her appreciation to Sang-su for being by her side while she went through her emotional roller coaster, thus the “perfect day” with Sang-su seemed like a tearful departure.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 15 Recap and Review


The fact that she is hesitant to make a long-term commitment lends credence to the notion that she is a free spirit who, before doing anything else, has to discover who she truly is. The party she and her parents had is also a sore spot, and it sheds new light on their relationship by demonstrating the extreme measures they are willing to take to protect their children.

Unfortunately, the drama's misunderstandings keep piling up, and that's a major pain. There have been a lot of tiny cliches in this drama, from Sang-su erasing Gyeong-pil's voice message to Su-yeong and Sang-su's incessant bickering.

Given that we haven't seen a preview, the outcome of the series finale is still a mystery. Su-yeong hopes to stay near the water until she has reconciled with her family and found peace with her brother's death.

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Sang-su, on the other hand, should cease pining after Su-yeong & wait for her to return before he may achieve true happiness. If rumors are true, though, tomorrow's extended episode will last for close to 90 minutes, so you'd better strap in because things are about to get ugly.