The Interest of Love Episode 4 Recap & Review: What A Turn!

Jo Yeong-The min's Interest of Love is a Korean romantic drama series starring Yoo Yeon-Seok, Mun Ka-young, Keum Sae-rok, and Jung Ga-ram. The novel Sarangui Ihae by Lee Hyuk-jin serves as the inspiration for the TV show. The show will air on JTBC at 10:30 PM KST on Wednesdays and Thursdays, replacing Insider with Kang Ha-neul. Episode 4 of The Interest of Love clocks in at a lengthy 69 minutes. In this article, we will read about The Interest of Love Episode 4 Recap & Review.

The Interest of Love Episode 4 Recap

In a flashback, we see Su-Yeong staying late at the office to assist Sang-su. Contrary to what she may have heard, he does not come from a wealthy family, he tells her. Because of the isolation, he felt as a child due to his unusual appearance, all he wants now is to lead a normal life.

Even though he is a section chief and she is a service representative, Sang-su still holds Su-Yeong in high regard because of the assistance she provided him with when he was a new employee. In the present, Su-yeong interrogates Sang-su about his hesitation on the way to her for their date & his subsequent lie that he couldn't make it the other day, despite his late arrival.

He explains that he was hesitant to ask her out on a date because he thought a lot of her and even considered proposing to her. His hesitance was completely unintentional. He probes further, wanting to know why she reacted the way she did and why she didn't just come right out and ask him.

The Interest of Love Episode 4 Recap & Review

When Sang-su presses her on whether or not she has feelings for him, she insists that all she saw were their similarities. The next day at work, Su-Yeong receives high praise for selling all of Season 1's Winner's Plans. Mr. Yuk has requested that she start getting ready for the upcoming season.

All of the other students have noticed that Sang-su and Su-yeong no longer seem to have any sort of warm feelings for one another. After asking her parents to give her some space, Su-yeong is left wondering if they have abandoned her.

His mother talks about how Sang-su has always been too mature for his age, learning to sacrifice at a young age; he even sacrificed ice hockey, the sport he loved more than anything else, at the anniversary of his father's death.

She tells him to let his guard down and have some fun with love once. This reminds him of the tragic loss of his father. At a time when the family was struggling financially, his father apparently shot himself.

The loss of his father altered who he was forever. Slowly, he began to withdraw his support. But despite being cautious and taking things slowly, he hasn't gotten any closer to fulfillment.

At Mi-place, gyeong's Su-Yeong joins her boyfriend for dinner. Su-Yeong decorates one of her totes with paint. Mi-gyeong admits that she has feelings for Sang-su because he is considerate & sympathetic. After Su-Yeong has started to leave, Mi-gyeong grabs her & hands her a new bag, saying that she has changed her mind & now wants to keep the one Su-Yeong painted.

When Mi-gyeong likes someone, she tells the person she likes about it. Everything she says, however, brings back memories of what Su-Yeong said to him the night before. In other words, he can take his time thinking about his response.

Su-Yeong is devastated when Mr. Yuk asks her to return to her old job and give the Winner's Plan to Mi-gyeong after she has worked so hard this season to improve her grades.

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an upheaval In the end, Su-Yeong invites Mr. Jeong to join her on the terrace. Since he believes things can & will improve for them, he gives her reason to hold on to hope. After following her to try & console her, Sang-Su now sees Mr. Jeong and refrains from doing so.

Mi-gyeong tries to make amends to Su-Yeong for the false hope Mr. Yuk gave her by hiding a necklace she had complemented in her bag. To be helpful to her coworker, Su-Yeong offers to attend the AI finance training session. The previously reluctant Sang-su also shows up for the session.

When other men approach Su-yeong, Sang-su feels awkward, and when they talk about his relationship with Mi-gyeong, she feels jealous. To avoid being seen, he quietly follows Su-Yeong when she goes for solo strolls. He recalled telling Gyeong-pill that Su-Yeong was one of his favorite characters because she never said “no” to anyone.

He has been following Su-Yeong, and she confronts him about it. Then she says it doesn't matter if he still likes her or not because he won't do anything about it. Sang-Su interrupts her in the middle of answering a call from Mr. Jeong by wrapping his arms around her.

The Interest of Love Episode 4 Review

Well, what a turn this series took all of a sudden. Class differences were already present, but this incident exacerbates them. Everyone feels uneasy waiting for the other shoe to drop, and you can't help but watch in anticipation.

It's fascinating to see people from so many backgrounds interacting and talking about what's important in their lives. The sum of their actions and reactions defines them perfectly.

The Interest of Love Episode 4 Recap & Review

Meanwhile, the motivations for certain events are revealed and the story progresses accordingly. Everyone has flaws, but the complexity of their histories makes it difficult to fully despise them.

That is to say, you recognize that there are errant individuals, but you can understand their perspectives after learning about their histories. It's logical. Except for Jong-hyeon, they're all pretty drab. There is no clear dichotomy between them.

They are battling their own inner demons as they try to make ends meet and find some measure of happiness. You're rooting for Su-Yeong to find fame and fortune and Sang-su to overcome his shyness. No, that's not how things operate at all.

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When you don't come from money, life is especially challenging, and things are never given to you. It breaks my heart to see the characters go through pain over which they had no control. You can only sit back and hope that luck finally smiles on them.