The Interest of Love Episode 3 Recap & Review – How Absolutely Weird!

The Interest of Love Episode 3 Recap & Review: Korean director Jo Yeong-min is behind the romance drama series The Interest of Love, which stars Yoo Yeon-Seok, Mun Ka-young, Keum Sae-rok, and Jung Ga-ram. The show is adapted from Lee Hyuk-novel jin's Sarangui Ihae. Here we have a review and recap of The Interest of Love. For further information, please continue reading below.

The Interest of Love Episode 3 Recap

Su-Yeong refuses to give the delivery man from the local eatery a second glance as he brings her breakfast. A flashback reveals that Su-Yeong saw Mr. Jeong's note in the taxi, not Sang- Su's, notifying her that he was waiting for her outside her house.

When Sang-su saw her embrace Mr. Jeong, he thought she was expressing her gratitude for saving her from a fall. She had completely misinterpreted what was going on & had no idea that Sang-Su was even present.

Mr. Jeong also told Su-Yeong how he felt about her that night. However, despite her inquiries, Sang-Su has opted not to reveal that he visited her last night. Mr. Yuk's inappropriate advances are embarrassing to Su-yeong. Mi-gyeong comes to her rescue & encourages her to stick up for herself. Mi-gyeong invites her out to lunch to further cement their friendship.

The Interest of Love Episode 3 Recap & Review

Su-yeong encounters Mr. Jeong at night when Mi-gyeong is out with Sang-su, & he assures her that she need not immediately return his feelings. As he tells her about his aspirations, she reflects that he reminds her of someone else who was driven by similar ambitions.

Su-Yeong still mourns the loss of her brother. Her brother was the one who cared the most about her & wanted the best for her since he knew she could achieve great things. She felt her father was to blame for her brother's death & requested him to leave the burial.

Currently, a fuming Su-Yeong makes her way into her parents' restaurant, Tongyeong Oyster Gukbap. When she asks her dad why they had to relocate here, he explains that they wanted to be closer so that they could see her more often.

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She begs him to stop seeming concerned and to leave her alone. She leaves the house in tears while questioning her mother's choice to take him back. When she is home alone, she reflects on the fact that she is currently realizing her older brother's greatest wish. She decides to fake joy in order to keep his commitment.

Mi-gyeong & Sang-su stay late at the office to finish putting the finishing touches on their presentation. Mi-gyeong begins to develop affection for Su-Yeong after they eat breakfast together at his parents' place. While Mi-gyeong & Sang-presentation su's goes swimmingly, they spend more & more time together as a result of Su-persuasiveness yeong's with several high-profile clients.

Upon Mr. Jeong's observation that Su-Yeong seemed happier than usual, she explains that despite having certifications in investment advising & financial planning, she was never given any opportunities to do more than act as an ATM at the company.

Since Mr. Jeong is absent, Mr. Ma defers to Su-Yeong, whom he sees as the lowest in the hierarchy, to conduct errands for him. This time, though, Sang-Su steps in & takes care of it for her. When he comes back, he delivers her a drink & finds her waiting outside.

She suggests he is playing around with her emotions. When he raises an objection, she presses him for further details about their romantic evening. She explains that he did not arrive late due to pressing office duties but rather on purpose. She decided to depart when she noticed him hesitating at the window before coming to greet her.

The Interest of Love Episode 3 Review

In my opinion, the best way to characterize the experience of viewing this drama is that it requires a great deal of patience. And it's as if I can see the end from here. As a result, I'm left wondering why someone would put in so much time to watch a show if they're going to be disappointed every time.

We understand why Su-Yeong acts the way she does, but this doesn't mean we have all the facts. We know Sang-su acted inappropriately during their date, but we don't know what. There was also the false implication that she was dating Jong-Hyeon, but that is not the case.

The Interest of Love Episode 3 Recap & Review

Therefore, we have come to a point where we have no further information or answers. When it comes to the characters, Mi-gyeong appears to be pleasant, if a little manipulative. It's clear that Sang-Su is a stalker, and Su-Yeong may use some grief counseling. We're not sure what to make of anyone because they're sending us both hot and chilly vibes.

Can you tell me if they're any good? Just how horrible are they, exactly? Where did this come from? You could find this to be a mouthwatering and exciting viewing experience. However, that's not the case.

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Simply put, there is no excitement to speak of. You may rest assured that there will be another simple misunderstanding, like in the previous episode. I'm hoping they speed up the drama or at least do something to make it more interesting to watch.