The Guilty a Drama Movie That You Will Fall For

Antione Fuqua, by now, has specialised in directing crime thrillers. His promising history of providing some great hits is no longer under the veil. As now he is back with another classic on the list, The Guilty up, which is in upcoming American production; it's a redo of the 2018 Danish film The Guilty. The decision of producing the remake was obvious, as the movie received almost six awards. Was decided in 2018 only. With its right a quiet night Netflix in October, the principal photography started by November on the set of Los Angeles.

The whole film is captured within a two-room setup of an emergency calling service where our protagonist Asger Holm. 

Summary of The Guilty

As the title of the movie suggests, The Guilty, Asper Holm, is completing his duty hours in the emergency call service room as he is debarred from his regular service. He is on trial in the case for shooting a boy, though he claims it to be in self-defence. 

The officer tries to get him off the case with the help of his friend Rashid, who’ll be giving a fake testimonial in the court the next day. But little did he know that the next call is going to change the course of his life as he gets a distress call from Iben Østergård claiming to be abducted with her child. Asper informs North Zealand station to look after a white van, 

But fails to find any lead due to not having enough evidence to track. 

To find the lead into the case, Asper looks into some family history, traces and succeeds in finding the lead to Iben home. On arrival, it is revealed that Iben and her divorced husband have two kids, with a daughter at home and a younger brother with the parents ( Michael Berg ) in their white van.

As the police reached Iben’s house, they found Mathilde( daughter of Iben) covered in blood and her baby brother to be deceased as they were cut open into pieces. Asper turns hyper. He called up Michael and began shouting at him. He instructs Iben to hit Michael with a brick to save herself. 

But the movie takes a twist with the next conversation as Iben spoke a clue that changes the whole narrative of who the assassin is. Iben confessed that she cut her son open because she believed him to have a snake in his stomach. The story starts to become more clear on the next call as Michael notifies that his wife was suffering from psychiatric illness and that he was actually taking her to the hospital. 

Iben calls Asper again as she realized that she unknowingly killed her own son and is now about to attempt suicide, standing on the bridge. But Asper manages to convince her not to take such a step. But how he manages to do it is something that shook the whole police department. Asper confesses his crime and assures Iben of her innocence. He consoled her that she was not at fault as she was unaware. Asper gets applauded for him managing it all over just a call.

the guilty

Cast of the Guilty 

Do you remember Mysterio from the Spider-Man far from a home movie? The same actor Jake Gyllenhal is here In another awe-inspiring role as Joe Bayler. Along with him, we have Ethan HawkePeter SarsgaardRiley KeoughDa'Vine Joy RandolphPaul Dano, and Bill Burr

Release Date of The Guilty

The guilty will have its world premiere at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival in September 2021. It is expected to get major positive reviews like its previous movie. The film took 11 months to commence, with its principal photography beginning in November 2020. It will be Streaming on Netflix on October 1.

Wrapping up

The audiences with a keen eye can catch the intricacies of action, suspense, and thriller can not wait longer. The film is of 1hr 30 min with eye-catching plot twists every now and then. I am sure you will like it. 

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