The Great Season 2 is Coming Soon

While the season 2 finale of The Great appears to be heading for a tranquil conclusion, the closing minutes introduce a dramatic twist that requires explanation. In retrospect, the season's abrupt twist finale is not wholly surprising, as it follows a similar pattern to the finish of The Great season 1. Although much of Season 2 focused on establishing Catherine the Great's dominance, the last episode shows that she still has a long way to go.

The Great is an American comedy-drama streaming television series largely inspired on the ascent to power of Catherine the Great, Empress of All Russia, as characterised by its commissioner Hulu as “anti-historical”. On May 15, 2020, Hulu published all 10 episodes of the first season. Empress Catherine II is played by Elle Fanning, while Emperor Peter III is played by Nicholas Hoult.

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How The Great Season 1 Ended?

Catherine, first taken aback by the news that she is pregnant with Peter, wakes up on her 21st birthday ready to carry out the coup today. Peter makes a beautiful cake and other presents for his wife, then plots to assassinate Leo in the hopes of transferring her love to him.

Catherine sent Velementov to rally the military's support and Orlo to assassinate Archie, promising Marial that Archie would not be injured. Leo goes hunting with Grigor and Peter, and they attempt but fail to kill him. Catherine intends to murder her husband over a birthday meal with Peter, but is stopped when he shows her gift: the philosopher Voltaire, whom Catherine admires.

He is unable to murder Peter in front of Voltaire, but once he has left, she regains her bravery. Peter implies that Leo has abandoned her, but Catherine recognises that her beloved is either dead or in danger and assaults Peter, who easily fends her off and locks her in the room, thinking her assault to be motivated by her love for him.

Orlo is hurt after failing to murder Archie. Marial gets concerned that the revolution will fail as a result of Catherine's failure to assassinate Peter, and discovers Orlo assaulting Archie. She is furious that she has been deceived, and Archie persuades her to tell Peter about Catherine's betrayal. Marial discloses her pregnancy and tells Peter Catherine her intentions to topple him in return for being a lady again.

Peter encounters Catherine, who nearly persuades him to renounce the throne. Instead, he shows her his prisoner, Leo, and threatens to murder him unless she calls off the revolution. Catherine travels to Velementov to put an end to the rebellion, but he tells her that she has given Russia hope for the future, and that is more important.

He warns her that if she doesn't act quickly, their plan would fail. Catherine visits Leo and informs him of the situation. He shows remorse but recognises her decision. Catherine kisses him farewell before signalling Velementov, who shoots his weapon to relaunch the coup attempt.

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What's The Update On The Great Season 2

Season 2 of The Great picks up four months after the events of season 1 and culminates Catherine's (Elle Fanning) revolt against Peter (Nicholas Hoult) for the Russian throne by forcing him to sign abdication papers.

The season spans many months as Catherine strives to maintain her grip on the kingdom, while Peter tries to win her heart with the help of Elizabeth (Belinda Bromilow). When Peter accidently kills Catherine's mother Joanna while sleeping with her, the plan becomes problematic (Gillian Anderson).

Catherine appears to forgive Peter for his misdeeds in the season 2 conclusion of The Great, defusing a potentially lethal confrontation between the nobility and kissing Peter before putting Paul to bed. However, barely no lines are uttered in the last minutes when Velementov (Douglas Hodge) prepares to arrest the Russian aristocrats loyal to Peter, apparently on Catherine's instructions.

Catherine tries to stab Peter, but instead inadvertently attacks Peter's duplicate, Pugachev. This generates a lot of issues after the calm reunion. The Great season 2's conclusion is discussed here.

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Wrapping Up

On Sunday, December 5th, the new season of the series The Great will premiere on STARZPLAY via Amazon Prime in the United Kingdom. When it comes to the release in the United States, The Great series will be available on Hulu on November 19th. The best thing is that on the day of the premiere, all 10 episodes of The Great will be accessible to view. As a result, you may get ready for a weekend binge.