The Great Hit of 2015 Mad Max Wasteland

When Mad Max: Fury Road was released in 2015, it was a great hit. It not only performed well at the box office, but it also received positive reviews from reviewers and moviegoers, with some calling it one of the best action films ever filmed. George Miller co-wrote, co-produced, and directed Mad Max: Fury Road, a 2015 Australian post-apocalyptic action film. On the screenplay, Miller teamed with Brendan McCarthy and Nico Lathouris. The fourth instalment of the Mad Max franchise, as well as a “revisiting” of the franchise.

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What is There in Mad Max Wasteland

A survivor called Max Rockatansky is abducted and carried to Immortan Joe's Citadel by the War Boys, an army headed by Joe, as the globe descends into a desert wasteland as a result of social collapse caused by resource warfare. Max is imprisoned and forced to serve as a “blood bag” for Nux, a sadistic War Boy. Meanwhile, one of Joe's lieutenants, Imperator Furiosa, is dispatched in her armoured “War Rig” to gather gasoline and ammo. When Joe realises that his five wives are escaping with her, he leads his army after her, enlisting the help of Gas Town and the Bullet Farm nearby.

With Max attached to his automobile, Nux joins the chase, and a battle develops between the War Rig and Joe's men. Except for Nux, who attempts to sacrifice himself to destroy the Rig, Furiosa drives into a sandstorm, eluding her pursuers. Max manages to flee and apprehend Nux, but the automobile is damaged.

Max discovers Furiosa fixing the Rig after the storm, joined by the wives: Capable, Cheedo, Toast, the Dag, and the Splendid Angharad, the latter of whom is pregnant with Joe's kid. Max takes the Rig, but only grudgingly allows Furiosa and the women to join him. Nux boards the Rig as it departs and attempts to assassinate Furiosa, but is defeated and thrown off, where he is captured by Joe's troops.

mad max wasteland

Furiosa rides into a gorge controlled by a biker gang after striking a bargain for safe passage. When the gang discovers Joe's army approaching, they turn on her, forcing her and the group to leave while the bikers detonate the canyon walls to stop Joe. As Joe's automobile breaks past the barrier, Max and Furiosa battle off the pursuing motorcyclists.

Joe catches up with the War Rig, allowing Nux to board with the intention of assaulting Furiosa once more; however, he fails, to to Joe's dismay. As the Rig flees, Angharad slips off while attempting to assist Max and is tragically struck by Joe's automobile.

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Interesting Things about Mad Max Wasteland

  • Fury Road is well-known for its daring realistic stunts and effects, which give it a visceral realism not found in most current blockbusters. The fourth Mad Max film, on the other hand, was almost entirely animated. Miller discussed his appreciation of Japanese animation such as Akira and Ghost in the Shell in a 2009 interview with MTV.
  • Before filming, Tom Hardy allegedly had lunch with the original Mad Max and gained his approval. Hardy wears a jacket that is nearly identical to the one worn by Gibson in Mad Max and its first sequel, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, in Fury Road.
  • He also drives a V8 Interceptor, which is comparable to the one driven by Gibson in the later half of the first film and the opening half of the second, albeit it is unfortunately wrecked. Mel Gibson sat next to Miller at the Fury Road premiere, Miller subsequently said.
  • At first, Max and Furiosa are out to murder each other, but soon create an uneasy friendship and a kind of mutual respect. Miller confessed to the Wall Street Journal a year after the film's debut that the relationship between his two stars followed a similar path, albeit without the deadly wrath. Charlize has also been open about it, telling Esquire that they “drove each other insane.”
  • The main antagonist in Fury Road is Immortan Joe. Toecutter was demolished in the previous film, so it's improbable that it's the same character, but the actor is unmistakably the same. Hugh Keays-Byrne, who portrayed the primary bad guy in the 1979 original Mad Max picture, is the man behind the makeup and prosthetics as Immortan Joe.
  • Tom Hardy revealed he was connected to three more Mad Max films in an interview for an Esquire magazine cover storey that was released just before the international premiere of Fury Road. As they sketched out character backstories for Fury Road, Miller and his cowriter Nico Lathouris came up with enough material for two further scripts, as well as the many comic books published by DC's Vertigo label around the time of the film's release.

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Any Guess How Much it Earned?

Mad Max: Fury Road grossed $154.1 million in the United States and Canada, and $221.3 million in other markets for a global total of $375.4 million, against a production budget of $154.6–185.1 million. It was a box office flop. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the picture lost between $20 and $40 million dollars.

Mad Max: Fury Road opened with Pitch Perfect 2 in 3,702 theatres in the United States and Canada, grossing $16.77 million on its first day, including $3.7 million from a Thursday night run in 3,000 theatres. The film earned $45.4 million in its first weekend, placing it second at the box office behind Pitch Perfect 2 ($69.2 million).

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Wrapping Up

Several critics and outlets called Mad Max: Fury Road one of the finest films of 2015, and it was voted Rotten Tomatoes' best scoring picture of 2015. The film topped Metacritic's year-end best film rankings, with 58 critics declaring it their favourite picture of the year. In a 2016 BBC critics' survey, Mad Max: Fury Road was ranked the nineteenth-greatest film of the twenty-first century. The New York Times ranked it the “nineteenth-best film of the twenty-first century so far” in 2017. Empire magazine named it the finest film of the twenty-first century in January 2020.

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