The Glory Part 2 Release Date: When Will It Be Available on Netflix?

The Glory is a Korean drama written by Kim Eun-sook and directed by An Gil-ho. It stars Song Hye-Kyo, Lee Do-Hyun, Lim Ji-Yeon, Yeom Hye-ran, Park Sung-hoon, and Jung Sung-ill.

According to the show's description on Netflix, it's about “a woman who lives for absolute revenge against the bullies from her childhood who destroyed her life.”

Part 1 of The Glory came out today on Netflix, so people are wondering when Part 2 will come out, how long they will have to wait, and how they can watch it. Let's find out everything we can about The Glory Part 2.

Is The Glory Getting Another Season?

At the time of writing, the second season of The Glory has not been picked up. Since the first part of the revenge K-drama hasn't come out yet, it's also hard to say if Netflix will pick it up for a second season. The renewal of a show depends on a lot of things, like how many people watch it and how much it costs to make.

The Glory Part 2 Release Date

But since part 1 will be out by the end of December, how many people watch it in the first few weeks will give some clues about whether or not the show will continue. Not only that, but it will also show a lot about how well the second part of the show will do. The first part of Glory had a great ending.

When Will Netflix Get Part 2 of The Glory?

Multiple sources have told us that part 2 of The Glory will be on Netflix in March 2023. We don't know the exact date yet, but we'll find out soon. Before we found out that part 1 of The Glory would come out in December, we thought that the drama wouldn't come out until 2023. But now that we know that the first season is being split in two, we can understand why The Glory is coming sooner than we thought.

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What is the Plot of The Glory?

This South Korean revenge drama is about a girl named Moon Dong Eun who dreams of being an architect when she is in high school. Unfortunately, Moon Dong Eun drops out of school after her bullies beat her up badly.

The Glory Part 2 Release Date

This background helps set the scene for the movie, in which Moon Gong Eun works at the same school where her bully's child is now the homeroom teacher. This gives Moon Dong Eun the chance to plan and plot her revenge against the people who used to pick on her.

The Glory Part 1: Ending Explained

It turns out that Jae-Joon has been around a bit, and Dong-eun also finds proof that he was having a secret relationship with Hye-Jeong. In the meantime, she uses what she knows about Go to get Do-Yeong interested so that she can be seen with him in public.

She found a willing killer in Yeo-Jeong, a man who was also out for revenge after a serial killer patient killed his father. The death of another gang victim, So-he, whose parents never gave up on the case, raises the stakes.

Yeon-jin is willing to kill to keep this secret, and since a pair of green heels is a recurring image, it seems like she kills Myeong-oh to do so, then uses her connections and power to cover up the murder and get So-family he's to drop the case.

The Glory Part 2 Release Date

But when Do-Yeong got the pictures of him and Dong-eun as a threat, he started to look into things and found out that his wife was having an affair with Jae-Joon, that Ye-sol was adopted, and that Dong-eun was her teacher.

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This leads him to meet Dong-eun, who relies heavily on him to carry out the next step of her plan. It's still not clear how that will happen, but Yeon-jin will definitely be completely destroyed.

When and Where Can You Watch the Second Part of The Glory?

The Glory Part 2 will come out on Netflix in March 2023. The first eight episodes of the series are now available to stream on Netflix, and the show's director is sure that people all over the world will like it.


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