The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained: Did Dong-Eun Finally Get Her Revenge?

It began with a revenge story, with dark clouds and an unhealthy obsession. The first installment of this revenge thriller was a complete mess since there were so many events happening at once.

The second installment of The Glory has just arrived on Netflix. It's back with a vengeance thanks to Dong-Eun's obsession & cunning scheme to get even with her tormentors. This K-drama's final 6 episodes are now available on Netflix & they are as fascinating as they come.

They are fascinating, yes, but they also leave you wondering. These occurrences have left behind a path of blood, a puddle of raw feelings, and a number of unanswered questions. This paper will provide an in-depth analysis of these concerns.

Are you looking for The Glory Part 2 ending explained? Let's get started then!

The Glory Part 2 Plot Synopsis

Part 2 of The Glory picks up following Myeong-O's death, which has sparked a number of questions and hypotheses among the bully group, with most of the members pointing the finger at Park Yeon-Jin.

Dong-Eun, in a desperate attempt to salvage a hopeless situation, offers Yeon-Jin one final chance to apologize for her many mistakes, which Yeon-Jin rejects with a laugh. Yeon-Jin then starts looking into Dong-Eun's life and the people helping her get her revenge.

She finds Hyeon-Nam and threatens to switch sides if she doesn't want anything bad to happen to her daughter. Furthermore, Yeo-Jeong comes up with a scheme to get Yeon-Jin to reveal the truth.

The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

Just as Hyeon-Nam is about to say goodbye to her daughter at the airport, Hye-Jeong obtains the recording Myeong-O made that could implicate Yeon-Jin and pays her a visit. And in the meantime, Dong-Eun initiates the final stage of her retribution mission.

When confronted by Dong-Eun's assault, Sa-Ra and Yeon-Jin respond in their respective ways. Dong-Eun, meantime, finds out what Yeo-Jeong has been through. Dong-Eun takes care of the issue her mother presents while Shin Yeong-Jun and Yeon-Jin freak out about Myeong-O's dead body.

Although Dong-Eun confronts her mother and demands crucial evidence, Yeon-Jin tries to contain the situation. Once her foes and tormentors begin to die one by one, Dong-Eun's retribution plan becomes a reality.

Why Did Dong-Eun Abandon Yeo-Jeong?

“If you leave me again, it should be for love not revenge, Dong-Eun.”

Dong-Eun's vengeance & her affections for Yeo-Jeong both deepen throughout the course of the series. We are all aware of Dong-Eun's mother's history of abuse & how this alcoholic has never shown any concern for her. Dong-Eun has been emotionally & physically harmed by this lady just as much as Yeon-Jin.

Dong-Eun seemed bothered by the bullies, but we never imagined her past to be so bleak. It would take a lot of time, energy & care for someone to help these wounds to heal. Yeo-Jeong has an enormous amount of affection & tolerance for her & it has begun to rub off on Dong-Eun.

He, too, has a troubled past & is still reeling from the loss of his father. Yeo-Jeong, however, has not let Dong-Eun's misfortune affect him; rather, he is prepared to wait for her until she has avenged herself.

The fact that he cares so much about Dong-Eun is the one thing that drives her away. When Dong-Eun finally does leave him, he knows it will be for love and not any other reason, as he promised.

Did Dong-Eun Finally Get Her Revenge?

Coming to the juiciest part of the series, the ending part, it is quite chaotic. Do-Yeong's mom has learned the truth about Ye-Sol's dad, Jae-Jun, and she's chasing after Yeon-Jin while brandishing a stick.

Dong-Eun has publicly shamed Yeon-Jin and revealed that Sa-Ra has a drug problem through a series of posts. Former housekeeper Kang Heyon-Nam has been instrumental in Yeon-Jin's success in defeating her rivals.

The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

De-Yeong has also abandoned Yeon-Jin. Her comrades in crime are also serving time for their crimes, leaving her to fend for herself in a solitary confinement cell. Dong-Eun has exacted her revenge and gotten what she wanted: a destitute Yeon-Jin cut off from her fame, fortune, and supposed friends.

Yeo-Jeong is still there even if she has avenged herself. Kang Yeong-Cheon exacts revenge for the death of his father. The story of The Glory has always centered on Dong-Eun seeking vengeance, but it has also evolved and grown. Dong-Eun not only receives her revenge, but also a loyal companion.

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