The Forbidden Marriage Episode 5: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 5: In the fifth episode of The Forbidden Marriage, Shin-won takes So-rang away from the King and tells her about the night they spent together. When she doesn't believe it, he hugs her. When the King sees them, he is very angry. He tells Shin-won that he can take So-rang with him if he wins a duel.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 5: Recap

The King draws his sword despite Shin-reluctance. won's So-rang prevents him from killing Shin-won and recounts their wedding night. The enraged King returns to his room and requests privacy. So-rang asks why he fought Shin-won and whether he likes her. She doesn't trust him when he claims all the palace women are his.

So-rang then confronts Shin-won and asks him why. He asks if she doesn't know how he feels and whether she feels the same. So-statement rang wounds him. Lady Seo steals the Grand Queen Mother to her academy for future wives. Hyun-hee attracts the matriarch, who allows her to converse as long as she names herself Hyun-seon.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 5

The late Crown Princess scares some women doing laundry. Chun-Seok and Hae-Yeong develop a fresh romance at Aedaldang. They enrage painter Jeong. Writing her K-drama romance novels like “Extraordinary You” has brought him closer to her. Chun-Seok returns his books and declares Hae-young his lover. They fight.

The King calls Shin-won, saying he wanted to punish him but couldn't. He requests So-protection rang's for a pal. He advises against liking her. Shin-won reminds the King of the Crown Princess and wonders if he's forgotten So-real rang's court role.

The King feels awful and dreams that the Crown Princess says he never loved her and is forgetting her. He wakes up before asking her who killed her. He believes So-rang looks mad sitting next to him.

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He tells her to be possessed by the Crown Princess again, which angers her. She laughs and imagines him asking about their relationship and calling her a con artist. She follows him but can't tell the King who the killer is. As Crown Princess, she believes she never loved him and was merely faithful.

The next day, the King is confused because he feels the Crown Princess never cared for him. So-rang asks him to recall her declarations of love. He feels awful since he keeps thinking about her loyalty talk. He calls Crown Princess's father, Lord Ahn. Lord Ahn doesn't know love from loyalty. So-rang suggests asking her personal maid.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 5

So-rang unintentionally kicks the King, dresses them as commoners, and shares a horse with Shin-won on the way to the handmaid, making the King jealous. These things cause issues. The handmaid claims the Crown Princess detested palaces, so she's no help.

The Crown Princess's court lady is there. She says nothing useful either. She claims the King was too preoccupied with admiring the Crown Princess to sleep with her and have a son. She believes the LGBT rumors started because he would “exercise” with Shin-won at night, which upset the two men.

Shin-won grabs So-rang pays the women and discovers they lied. She says she did this to make the King forget about his wife and lift the ban. The King laughs as she uses the friend card to dissuade him from telling. He trades that she does not fall in love with the King.

Chun-Seok and Painter Jeong fear when Hae-young screams at Aedaldang. She recounts Crown Princess's ghost. Gwaeng Yi warns Hae-young that she could damage So-scam. Gwaeng Yi doesn't answer Shin-question won's regarding how he knew about the killers.

He sneakily advises him to prepare for the next onslaught. Shin-won returns with Chun-Seok, who informs him about the Crown Princess's ghost. Crown Princess visits her father that night. She flees when he approaches. So-rang and Shin-won suspect the ghost is a ploy by an unknown woman in the royal bridal robe.

They act like a couple getting married and buying a dress from the royal seamstress. He says the Crown Princess's bridal dress is at her father's house. He asks if they will return after the marriage ban is abolished, and Shin-won sounds hopeful, worrying So-rang.

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Lord Ahn asserts with tears that he sees his daughter. They examine her belongings and find her royal wedding garment in pristine shape. The Royal Guard Captain informs the Military Minister that the palace is close to locating the killer. Discussing murder. Therefore-rang did the same as the Crown Princess, so the King would never love again.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 5: Review

We feel awful for Shin-won because Joseon's friend-zoning was risky. Poor guy disappoints his best buddy and commits treason by fighting a monarch and cutting off his robe, only for So-rang to say they are buddies.

Along with the King, we fall in love with So-rang, forgetting her role at court and that she is a con artist. The Forbidden Marriage's first half ends fast when So-rang imagines shaking the king and asking him why he fell for her fraud.

If So-rang is so poor at pretending to be the Crown Princess, we would too if we fell for someone who believed spirits could inhabit people. This time, we observe So-rang blundering and stumbling every time she pretends to be possessed, making us question how blind the King must be to fall for her charade.