The Feast Ending Explained: What Was the Killing Pattern?

Lee Haven's Welsh fantasy drama, “The Feast,” shows an aristocratic family on a beautiful estate in the Welsh highlands. The family throws a little feast, inviting a clever businessperson and a poor farmer to negotiate a deal between them.

The film, loaded with mythical references, thematically analyzes human avarice. To achieve fortune, the family uses Nature. But Nature has her methods of disciplining miscreants.

For a substantial amount of the tale, it's impossible to comprehend the motivation of a creepy home assistant, Cadi. However, the loose ends are suitably explained when the film is near its finale. Let's analyze the meaning and analogies in “The Feast.”

Summary of “The Feast” Plot

The Feast Movie Explained
The Feast Movie Explained

In the Welsh highlands, a beautiful home is a home to a family of four. The father, Gwyn, a London parliament member, constructed this former farmhouse. He sold a lot of property to a mining business since his wife, Glenda, is linked to the land and has received a lot of property from her parents.

They have two boys, Gweirydd and Guto, who reside on the estate. A young man named Guto has been imprisoned on the estate for his “needle” addiction. Weird is a doctor by trade, but he's taking a year off to train for a triathlon instead.

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On a typical evening, Glenda and Gwyn welcome Euros, a businessman, and Mair, a farmer, to their home for a little meal. Because of her father's illness, Glenda's regular helper, Lynwen, wasn't accessible for the day. As a result, she sends Cadi in to help Glenda out for the night.

Cadi, on the other hand, is not alone. She gives an eerie atmosphere to the house when she arrives. The viewers discover the weird horrors that await the family and their visitors while everyone else is blissfully oblivious of the paranormal activity around them.

Why did The Family invite Euros and Mair?

The Feast Movie Explained
The Feast Movie Explained

Glenda was born and raised in the neighborhood where the estate now stands, and she received 300 acres from her parents as an inheritance. Euros, a family friend, assisted small companies in finding methods to profit from their resources.

Glenda and Gwyn used the money they received from the association to build the estate. Their wealth came from exploiting and selling natural resources that were not theirs. For mining purposes, Glenda sold a piece of the land for Euros.

Euros claims that during a mining expedition, the drill plunged deeper than usual and unearthed a cave in the vicinity. Thirty meters from the border between Glenda's field and Mair's farm, this location was ideal for a meeting. As a result, Euros sought to work out a deal with Mair to dig the caverns on her land. That didn't sway Mair.

The “Rise” was the name given to the area. In Mair's opinion, it had been cursed. According to the tales, an entity is said to sleep in the caverns and should not be disturbed. Mair departed the estate as soon as she learned that Euros was planning to excavate the Rise, thereby scuttling the transaction.

In Mair's ignorance, Euros and his crew had already dug through the Rise and awoke the vengeful specter.

What is the Killing Pattern?

The Feast Movie Explained
The Feast Movie Explained

Drilling into “the Rise” was featured in the film's first scene. The din of drilling machinery demolished the fabled entity's caverns. The drilling worker's ears began to drip with blood due to the curse's reactivation.

The curse was a kind of retribution for humanity's damage to the environment. For example, a worker heard a high-frequency sound that sounded like drilling equipment boring into the Earth (land).

Due to his presence in the calm highlands, Gwyn was continually bombarded by high-frequency noises. Cadi, or the curse, killed Gwyn by driving a little bit of sharp steel into his ear, exactly like he was shoving the drill machines into the Earth.

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Other people were slain as a result of the curse's karmic burden. During a private visit, Cadi assassinated Gweirydd, a doctor accused of raping patients at the hospital. Like Guto, who used the same ax to chop down the trees at the film's beginning, Gweirydd afterward used the same ax to hack off his leg.

The logs are the tree's bodily parts, and though they don't scream, they are still living organisms from the perspective of Nature. Glenda offered Euros Guto's leg under the influence, and they devoured it like a crazy beast.

Glenda sold her land to Euro, who, like a selfish human, exploited Mother Nature's children without mercy. Cadi punished Glenda for her transgressions by making her serve her children, property that was rightfully hers.

It asks, “What will be left once you've stolen everything?” Cadi forced Glenda to shoot Euros. When Glenda woke up, she was tortured by memories of her family's deaths and the mistakes she'd made. Cadi was the one who forced Glenda to take her own life.

Who Was Cadi? What Did the Curse Mean?

The Feast Movie Explained
The Feast Movie Explained

Cadi was not a ghost but rather a curse. Her persona was based on the tale of Blodeuwedd, a goddess of the Earth in Welsh mythology. She was able to recover Cadi's body after he was killed in a vehicle crash.

Mair informed Glenda that Cadi's car had been rescued from the lake when she arrived at the estate for the second time. Because Cadi's body was the curse's home, Mair said it had to have a body to dwell in.

Cadi's hair was dripping wet when she arrived at the mansion as if she'd fallen into the lake. She ruined a white sheet with her bare hands. Her every step left behind a soil trail as if she were walking with the spirit of mother earth.

Cadi appeared to be eating Earth in one clip, and she also seemed to be embracing the tree's roots in another. That whatever curse there was, it belonged to Nature and had been placed there to keep things safe.

Gwyn's discovery of two rabbits in the woods is likely the result of a trap set by Cadi. She couldn't tolerate seeing Glenda skin bunnies without regard for the animals' well-being. When she heard noises or the deaths of animals, she was compassionate.

As a result, the visitors found human hair stuck in their throats when eating the bunnies. Using Cadi's hair strands, it's possible that the visitors ate human flesh instead of rabbits.

Cadi once yanked a clump of Gweirydd's hair off his throat, nearly suffocating him. Cadi spared Gweirydd's life at that very time since she had previously decided on a punishment for him. Cadi encouraged Gweirydd to cut himself with a razor, which led to the punishment plan being laid out.

An Explanation of the Feast's Ending

The Feast Movie Explained
The Feast Movie Explained

Within minutes after arriving at the estate, Cadi fell in love with Glenda's artwork. Smiling, she looked up and spotted “the Rise,” her house. Glenda may have heard about the curse that dwelt near her parents' land. It was Glenda's mother's song that Cadi had been humming ever since.

Glenda, who grew up on a farm, always dreamed of a better life. Moreover, she auctioned off her parents' farm and had no guilt that guys like Euros had wrecked it. As she watched, Mair concluded that her mother would be embarrassed to see her in this state. Glenda's mother wasn't the only one who felt sorry for the deeds of a single race on Earth. As a result, Cadi was born as a sort of vengeance from Nature.

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Cadi eventually assassinated the entire family, including Euro, their esteemed visitor. She was returned to its resting position at the Rise, where it had been when it first appeared on screen, once she had taken her retribution.

Cadi was last seen coming toward the drilling site in blood-stained clothing. She grinned as she glanced up at the sky and felt a sense of accomplishment. However, as she turned her gaze to the camera, she felt obliged to murder out of sadness.