The Evolution of Bone Glass in Lockwood and Co. Explained!

In Netflix's “Lockwood and Co.,” 3 ghost-hunters follow a storyline in which they visit some of London's most haunted locations in an attempt to exorcise terrifying spirits. Talented youngsters Lucy, Lockwood & George risk their lives every day doing dangerous work.

After the midpoint of the story, the three protagonists go in pursuit of the Bone Glass. They go to tremendous efforts to acquire it, and even when they do, the glass proves to be far more potent than they had anticipated, causing them to choose an unconventional course of action in order to escape harm. Let's read Lockwood & Co.'s character summary for Bone Glass to find out more about him.

The Uncovering of Bone-Glass

Joplin and Saunders engage Lockwood and Company to guard an unmarked cemetery in Kensal Green, and while there, they discover a mirror within an iron casket. Before they manage to put an end to the ghost's haunting, George catches sight of it and reads the inscription.

Within just a few hours, the mirror is gone. George, ever inquisitive, deciphers the inscription he saw and discovers that the burial belonged to Edmund Bickerstaff, a Victorian doctor with ties to the occult.

Bone Glass in Lockwood and Co. Explained

Until George disproved it, Bickerstaff was thought to be a necrophiliac because his family owned the Kensal Green cemetery. Following George's lead, Barnes enlists Kipps' crew to help him and Lockwood & Co. locate the mirror, but instead of working together, the two groups view the assignment as a race to the finish.

But when they find the body of Danny, the relic man who stole the mirror, they learn its actual power; he ruthlessly killed himself after obtaining it. Those who dare to examine the artifact quickly go insane.

After investigating, Lockwood and Lucy discover that Danny's business partner stole the mirror and sold it to the notorious antique dealer Julius Winkman. They nearly die trying to grab it back from Winkman, but they narrowly escape his clutches.

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Jack Carver, Danny's partner, visits them shortly afterward, but he has been stabbed in the back. He mutters something they don't catch before passing out and dying. The three buddies have an aha moment about the potential threats they face on their quest to recover the artifact.

The Evolution of Bone Glasses

The Skull, an ancient artifact that George once stole, informs Lucy that Bickerstaff's papers have all the data they need and foretells that her own demise is imminent if she uses the mirror. The 3 friends learn that Bickerstaff was a monster after recovering the documents from his home.

He was exploring the eternal by verifying a hypothesis regarding the relationship between ghosts and their origins. He killed his own patients the hard way, and the resulting 7 ghosts gave him the material he needed to make the bone glass and peer into the hereafter.

Mary Dulac, a guest of Bickerstaff's, was made to stare into the bone glass. Just a glimpse was enough to drive her crazy, and she kept wanting more. Dulac vanished and killed Bickerstaff ten years later. A book was written based on her revelations.

How Was the Bone Glass Destroyed?

In order to take the bone glass from Winkman, Lucy & Lockwood put their lives in danger. The two give it to George with the expectation that he will take it to Barnes, but they are oblivious to the fact that George will also be impacted by the relic.

Instead, George gives it to Joplin, who is eager to wrap up Bickerstaff's loose ends. When it comes to the eternal, she knows that only teenagers with a special aptitude can see it, unlike Bickerstaff. After threatening Kipps, she moves on to George, demanding that he have a look.

Bone Glass in Lockwood and Co. Explained

After reading Dulac's admissions with Lockwood and realizing that George has been affected, Lucy rushes to his aid and begs Joplin to substitute her for George so that he might avoid looking in the glass and dying.

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Lucy, at the last second, turns her gaze away from Skull and forces him to examine the bone mirror. Skull advises them to destroy it since, to him, it appears to be a trap rather than the everlasting one. George breaks the window by pushing on it to free Lucy.

Joplin looks at the bone glass then & a force seems to draw her; she characterizes the view as remarkable, among other things. After the mirror shatters & Joplin's corpse explodes, she is instantly killed & the trapped ghosts are released. DEPRAC collects the remaining shards of bone glass a disposes of them in an environmentally safe manner.