The English Season 1 Review – It Tells How the West Was Lost!

The English Season 1 Review: It is an intense Netflix original series. Hugo Blick's ruthless Prime Video series reflects the harsh reality of the American West. There are many ways to meet your untimely demise beyond the usual firearms, blades, and arrows. Blick aims to offer the anti-Western while addressing issues like the genocide of Indigenous people and the deplorable treatment of women. When compared to Tombstone, the English series is like night and day.

Season 1 in English tells the narrative of Cornelia Locke (Emily Blunt), a woman from New Orleans who goes to Wyoming to find the man she believes killed her son. It's a dangerous trip across the heartland and the plains of America. The Englishwoman is determined yet innocent in a world with bushwhackers, hucksters, con artists, thieves, and killers. She believes that if she has enough money, she can buy her way out of any difficulty.

The English Season 1 Review

Blunt is a great performer and has proven himself to be a capable action hero in films like Edge of Tomorrow and A Quiet Place. In a sea of colonizers, her voice stands out for its melodic, almost Germanic quality. On the flip side, Spencer's Whipp is the only one to use a contemporary American accent.

The English Season 1 Review

He adds nicely to the pantheon of westerns featuring the stoic sniper. Stephen Rea's Sheriff Marshall, Valerie Pachner's Martha Myers, and Tom Hughes's Thomas Trafford, who all appear in many episodes, add to the show's grandeur.

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Wagons can be seen trundling against the setting sun, while saloons rise up out of the ground like tombstones in the panoramas. It was filmed on ranches and soundstages in Los Angeles, like the earliest westerns, and it has a quality that verges on parody. This is heightened by the fact that the majority of the actors are British and the Spanish deserts and sierras are used as a stand-in for the American West.

The English Detailed Review

Katie Clarke informs Cornelia, “People traverse oceans just to get to where we are now.” But they fall just short every time.” While it's close, The English falls short of complete submersion. She offers Watts money to chop Eli down, clean him up and send him on his way. In fact, he sends him out with stagecoach driver Sebold Cusk & Eli's skills come in handy when the coach is intercepted by 3 men intent on robbing it.

The English Season 1 Review

However, Cusk is shot & Eli takes the horses and rides them back to the hotel for revenge. Cornelia came to this backwater to seek out and kill the guy she holds responsible for her son's death. Rapidly, she learns that the man has hired Watts to kill her. Naturally, that doesn't mean Watts won't take his time and put his own needs first. But thanks to Eli's intervention, not only does he obtain the revenge he was seeking.

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The English Season 1 Review: The show deserves credit for highlighting the problematic stereotype of the white savior who comes to the aid of the indigenous people. The filmmakers and Blick agree that this amounts to the involuntary enslavement of Native American women & children. Will that kind of entertainment find an audience? The type that aims to reveal the truth behind the classic “wild, wild West” plot device.

Clint Eastwood did this with Unforgiven & in a lesser case, the Netflix series Godless. In The English, there is never a happy moment. In fact, just the reverse, since it concludes in a much more ominous position than one would think. Ultimately, the narrative, lead performances, and significant supporting turns make The English series a voyage worth taking, even if more disagreeable than most.


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