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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date in 2022 Has Been Confirmed!

The Dragon Prince, a popular children's cartoon, has been picked up for a fourth season. The long wait for fantasy fans has reached nearly three years. There has been speculation that Netflix opted to pull the plug on the show. Thankfully, the streaming giant has committed to releasing The Dragon Prince Season 4 this year.

A first look at Season 4 was a pleasant surprise for Netflix's Geeked Week guests. In addition, they announced that Seasons 5, 6, and 7 of the original animated series will be released under the title The Dragon Prince Saga. Furthermore, the business announced the development of a video game.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date: When Will It Air?

While we don't have a confirmed date for the premiere of Season 4 of The Dragon Prince just yet, we do know that it will debut on Netflix sometime in the month of November.

 On November 22, 2019, Netflix released the third season of The Dragon Prince. Season 4 will likely premiere around the same time each month. Season 2 premiered in February 2019, while Season 1 premiered in September 2018. When the first three seasons came out, they were all within a year of each other. Season 4 has been a long time coming at this point.

It hasn't been as long of a wait as fans of George R.R. Martin might expect, but it's still been a while. The wide spread of the COVID-19 virus undoubtedly didn't help. I'm hoping that the wait for this new season will be worthwhile. The four-season arc that makes up The Mystery of Aaravos has been renewed in its entirety by Netflix, so there's no reason to fear a sudden cancellation.

There will be 9 episodes this season, the same as the previous three.

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Title of Season 4 of “The Dragon Prince”

The Dragon Prince's fourth season marks the beginning of a new story arc. Because of Netflix's careful planning for the continuation of The Dragon Prince saga, there was a three-year break between seasons three and four. That's why the show's fourth season will be called The Dragon Prince: Mystery of Aaravos.

the dragon prince season 4 release date

This rebranding emphasizes Aaravos, the novel's enigmatic protagonist (Erk Todd Dellums). King Harrow's counselor, Viren (Jason Simpson), established a covert alliance with the imprisoned elf magician Aaravos. He is a master of black magic and uses a magic mirror and a bug-like creature to speak to Viren. Season 3 ended with his character, a caterpillar, undergoing metamorphosis, signaling upcoming significant changes to his character.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Cast:

Season 4 of Dragon Prince features an impressive roster of talent. It's true that we all have our favorite characters that we hope to see more of in future seasons. You may therefore anticipate the return of some of the previous season's cast.

Contribution by Jack Desena, Sasha Rojen, Eric Dellums, Paula Burros, and Jesse Inocalla. This season's storyline could be extended with the addition of a few new characters and a few returning ones.

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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Plot:

In The Dragon Prince, magic is a very real part of life on the made-up continent of Xadia. There are six basic ingredients that combine to make the magic:

  • The Sun,
  • Moon,
  • Sky,
  • Earth,
  • Ocean and Stars.

Peaceful coexistence between humans and fantastical beings like dragons and elves is the norm on the continent of Xadia.

the dragon prince season 4 release date

The human race lacked the innate ability to perform or create magical feats. This is when things get ugly; driven by greed, humans resort to black magic in an effort to establish control; the catch being that the magic was powered by the very essence of these fantastic beasts' lives.

When the magical creatures are hunted to extinction, they migrate to the western part of the continent, and a massive river of lava cuts the land in two.

The plot follows our protagonists as they embark on a series of adventures and ultimately bring peace to both the human and animal worlds.

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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Trailer

You can check out the trailer for Season 4 of The Dragon Prince right here:

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Where to Watch?

Following the success of the first three seasons, the next fourth season will likewise debut exclusively on Netflix. While the series may not be considered anime due to its absence of traditional Japanese elements and the usage of CGI for its visuals, it clearly passes muster in that regard.


In light of the current pandemic situation, economies everywhere have slowed. It's the reason why Season 4 of Dragon Prince has been pushed back. We feel your pain, as many of our readers are also eagerly awaiting new seasons of their favorite online shows.

In light of the fact that several production companies have resumed work, we anticipate a successful conclusion to the project by the end of the year. More waiting is to be expected. This means you should probably find some other form of amusement.

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