The Crown Season 5 Episode 2: Review | Release Date & Time

The Crown Season 5 Episode 2: Peter Morgan created and wrote most of the scripts for The Crown, a Netflix series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Morgan made it with help from his stage play The Audience and his drama movie The Queen. It was made by Sony Pictures Television and Left Bank Pictures.

Due to Queen Elizabeth's death, The Crown has moved up to #4 on Netflix's Top 10 lists and has gained 800% more viewers in the past week. Read the whole article to find out everything you need to know about The Crown Season 5 Episode 2.

The Crown: Quick Facts

Writers: Peter Morgan, James Graham, Tom Edge
Network: Netflix
First episode date: November 4, 2016
Program creator: Peter Morgan
Executive producers: Peter Morgan, Andrew Eaton
Awards: Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama
Genre: Historical drama
The Crown Season 1 Release Date: November 4, 2016
The Crown Season 2 Release Date: 8 December 2017
The Crown Season 3 Release Date: November 17, 2019
The Crown Season 4 Release Date: November 15, 2021
The Crown Season 5 Release Date:
9 November 2022

The Crown Season 5 Episode 2

Prince Philip likes to drive a carriage for fun. Philip shows Lady Romsey how to play the game to help her deal with the death of her child. Andrew Morton talks to James Colthurst, a friend of Diana's who is a radiologist. Morton wants to write a book about her marriage, and he wants Colthurst's help.

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So that Diana and Morton don't talk to each other directly, Morton gives Colthurst questions to ask Diana, and Diana sends her answers to Morton through Colthurst. Lady Romsey tells Philip that she has heard that Diana is helping to write a book about herself.

The Crown Season 5 Episode 2

A van knocks Colthurst off his bike, and Morton's house is broken into. Philip goes to see Diana and tells her not to undermine the system. When Morton's book comes out, it makes Diana and the royal family upset.

How and Where to Watch the Crown Season 5

The only place you can watch Season 5 of The Crown is on Netflix. Like Bridgerton, the show is made by Netflix, so if you want to watch it, you'll need a Netflix subscription.

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How Many Episodes Will Be in Season 5 of the Crown?

Season 5 of The Crown has 10 episodes. Before season 5, there were already 40 episodes, one for each of the first four seasons. It's not surprising that season 5 followed the same pattern since a sixth season is planned.

The Crown Season 5: Episodes Guide

  1. Queen Victoria Syndrome”
  2. “The System”
  3. “Mou Mou”
  4. “Annus Horribilis”
  5. “The Way Ahead”
  6. “Ipatiev House”
  7. “No Woman's Land”
  8. “Gunpowder”
  9. “Couple 31”
  10. “Decommissioned”

The Crown Season 5: Cast

  • Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II
  • Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  • Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
  • Jonny Lee Miller as Prime Minister John Major MP
  • Dominic West as Charles, Prince of Wales
  • Elizabeth Debicki as Diana, Princess of Wales
  • Olivia Williams as Camilla Parker Bowles
  • Claudia Harrison as Anne, Princess Royal
  • Marcia Warren as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
  • Natascha McElhone as Penelope Knatchbull, Lady Romsey
  • Khalid Abdalla as Dodi Fayed
  • Salim Daw as Mohamed Al-Fayed
  • Timothy Dalton as Group Captain Peter Townsend
  • Prasanna Puwanarajah as Martin Bashir
  • Bertie Carvel as Prime Minister Tony Blair
  • Flora Montgomery as Norma Major
  • Andrew Havill as Robert Fellowes
  • James Murray as Prince Andrew, Duke of York
  • Emma Laird Craig as Sarah, Duchess of York
  • Theo Fraser Steele as Commander Timothy Laurence
  • Sam Woolf as Prince Edward
  • Senan West as Prince William of Wales
  • Will Powell as Prince Harry of Wales
  • Amir El-Masry as young Mohamed Al-Fayed
  • Lydia Leonard as Cherie Blair
  • Humayun Saeed as Dr. Hasnat Khan