The Conjuring 4 Release Date: What Cases Could the Conjuring 4 Cover?

There are only three official “The Conjuring” movies: “The Conjuring,” “The Conjuring 2,” and “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” which just came out and is a big hit in the horror genre.

In this made-up dramatization of some of Lorraine and Ed Warren's most well-known cases, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson play the roles of the real-life paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren.

The first movie, “The Conjuring,” is about a family named the Perrons who move into an old mansion in Rhode Island and start having strange, out-of-this-world things happen. The Warrens went to see the family and tried to help them get rid of the supposed ghosts that were haunting the house.

This was a terrible and well-known event. The movie version of the Perrons' story adds more scary supernatural things and makes up its dangerous mythology that will be used in other movies.

The Conjuring 4 Release Date

All the movies in the franchise after “The Conjuring” were massive hits. The most recent one, “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do Movie,” got mixed reviews from critics, but it was still well-made, and fans want more. So, is “The Conjuring 4” going to come out?

The Conjuring 4 Plot: What Cases Could the Conjuring 4 Cover?

After Arne Johnson's trial ended in November 1981, we can assume that The Conjuring 4 will take place after this time. In 1986, the Warrens went to the Snedeker house and the Smurl Haunting, both haunted homes.

Both movies were about houses that people said were haunted by demons. The first movie was loosely based on The Haunting in Connecticut. But since the third movie broke away from the haunted house formula, going back to it could be a step backward for the series.

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If they want to avoid that trap, they should look at the legend of the White Lady in Easton's Union Cemetery. This case has a lot of potentials.

The Conjuring 4 Release Date

Even though they didn't do an official investigation, the Warrens say they have a video of the White Lady in action and have written a book about it. There are still a few interesting cases from the Warrens' real lives that could be used as the basis for a new movie where they go back to a haunted house.

Who Will Be in the Conjuring 4?

We can guess that only a few people, besides Farmiga and Wilson, will be in the next edition. Sterling Jerins, who played Ed and Lorraine Warren's daughter Judy in “The Conjuring 2” and “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” would almost certainly return.

So would Steve Coulter, who has played the Warrens' spiritual advisor Father Gordon in all of “The Conjuring” movies and “Annabelle Comes Home.” Farmiga and Wilson will bring Coulter with them if they come back.

Fans might also see Joseph Bishara, a composer, and actor who has played Bathsheba in “The Conjuring,” the Annabelle Demon in “Annabelle: Creation,” and a few other demons in the Conjuring movie universe.

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If the story brings back the Demon Nun or Valak from “The Conjuring 2” and “The Conjuring 2: The Nun,” Bonnie Aarons could play the evil spirit again. With each new movie in the Conjuring series, the story gets more complicated, and new characters are added, so “The Conjuring 4” will have a lot of new faces.

The Conjuring 4 Release Date

In “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” Ruairi O'Connor plays Arne Cheyenne Johnson, Sarah Catherine Hook plays Debby Glatzel, Julian Hilliard plays David Glatzel, and John Noble plays Kastner. Maybe some of these people will come back in a second movie.

When Will the Conjuring 4 Come Out?

Warner Bros. hasn't told us when The Conjuring 4 will come out, so we don't know. Between The Conjuring (July 2013) and The Conjuring 2 (June 2016).

There were three years, and then there were five years between The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. But it was supposed to come out in September 2020. That means it would have taken four years.

If a fourth movie is made, it won't come out until early summer 2024, which is a long time to wait for fans. Or, the producers may focus on making another Conjuring movie instead of the spin-offs, making it come out faster.

Will There Be Other Films in the Conjuring Universe?

Even though there may not be any news about The Conjuring 4, we do know that two spin-offs are already in the works. The Crooked Man is a project that Peter Safran has been working on since 2018. It is based on the same-named character in The Conjuring 2.

During that time, he told CinemaBlend, “We're still working on the script. We have a very high standard for the movies we want to make in The Conjuring Universe, and until we reach that point, we don't want to put one of these out into the universe.


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I still think that The Crooked Man could be a very interesting and different story.” It didn't get as much attention as The Nun.

When it comes to The Nun, there is a sequel to the spin-off with the “Demon Nun” character Valak from The Conjuring 2 that doesn't have a name yet. In 2019, Safran told Entertainment Weekly, “I think there will be another Nun movie,” which means that he thinks it will happen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Conjuring 4 to Watch?

It's available on HBO Max ($14.99/month). HBO Max allows you to watch all of HBO, as well as your favorite shows like “South Park” and “Friends,” as well as blockbuster movies and Max Originals.

Is the Conjuring Based on a True Story?

Fans will be surprised to learn that the terrifying exorcism sequence in The Conjuring was based on a real-life séance held in the house by Lorraine Warren to contact the spirits harassing the Perron family.

Is There a Link Between the Conjuring and Annabelle?

The prequel to Annabelle, also a prequel to The Conjuring, is Annabelle: Creation. The story of how the demonic doll was developed and possessed is told in the film. It all started in 1943 with an automobile accident. This is most likely the best of the three Annabelle films.