Meet the Cast of The Circle Season 5: Follow Them On Instagram

The Circle Season 5 Cast: The Circle is finally getting a fifth season. On Dec. 28, new episodes will be available on Netflix. This time, there will still be 11 contestants (and one special guest) on the show, but there are more surprises in store that will make this season even hotter than the last ones.

In case you forgot, the show is about a few contestants who live alone in a hotel and only talk to the other cast members through “The Circle,” which is a social media platform.

They can send messages to other players, but they can't see or hear each other in real life. At the end of each week, the players rank everyone and decide who gets to stay for another week. So far, here's what we know about the Season 5 cast of The Circle…

Billie-Jean Blackett

Westside Talent says that Billie-Jean is a model who lives in London. They also say that she is a radio host on Flex FM in London. From her IG, it looks like she goes to a lot of brand events when she's not modeling or talking on the radio. Her over 15,000 followers probably help her get invited to these events.

Brett Robinson


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Brett says he's a hot boy, but E! News says he's really a content creator. In his introduction video, he says, “It's not just hot boy summer, it's the hot boy all year long.” “It's really tiring, but I do it for you, not for myself.”

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His Instagram is full of pictures of him partying, hanging out with friends and family, and promoting brands.

Brian Clark

Brian's IG shows that he likes to travel, eat, watch sports, and take photos. His profile says he is a digital creator and lives in Portland, Oregon, but most of his photos show him as a “tourist” in different places around the world.

Brian admitted in his introduction video that he was going on The Circle as someone other than himself: “I'll use my skills to find all the catfish, except for one person: me.”

Chaz Lawery


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According to E! News, Chaz lives in Philadelphia and runs a mobile car detailing business under the name “That Shampoo Papi.”

In his introduction video, he raps, “I'm the biggest rival The Circle has.” “You'd better be ready for the games I play, hashtag #PackYourBags because I'm here to stay.”

Marvin Achi


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Marvin was born in Nigeria and is a chemical engineer. However, he looks more like a bodybuilder or a professional athlete in the making.

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His body will either make him popular with people who like him or make him an easy target in The Circle. He was also almost on Big Brother 24, but at the last minute, someone else took his place.

Oliver Twixt

The Circle Season 5 Cast

His Instagram bio says that Oliver is an artist, and he has already been on TV. (According to E! News, see The Ts Madison Experience and Chasing: Atlanta.) His website also calls him a “Queer Rap Personality, Multi-Media Creative Producer, and Entrepreneur.” From his Instagram, it looks like he mostly works as a content creator and helps out behind the scenes on a few different TV shows.

Raven Sutton


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Raven is a social worker, a deaf performer, and an advocate for people with disabilities. Her Instagram bio says that she has nearly 50,000 followers. She and her best friend and translator, Paris McTizic, will be in The Circle. She posts videos in which she speaks and signs at the same time to tell personal stories about her life as a deaf woman. She does this to help advocate for people with disabilities.

Sam Carmona

The Circle Season 5 Cast

Sam, who is 34 and lives in Brooklyn, is a makeup artist who works on her own. This is what her intro video and IG say. She has more than 54,000 followers on Instagram, and a quick look at her posts shows that she likes to spend time with her family and explore New York City.

Tasia Lesley


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The introduction video says that Tasia, who calls herself “CEO of Comfy,” will enter The Circle as a catfish. E! News says that the 29-year-old content creator is from Las Vegas, but it's clear from her IG that Tasia likes to travel and post videos of her daily life.

Tom Houghton


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Tom, a British stand-up comedian, goes into The Circle with a lot of confidence. In his introduction video, he says, “It's my job to walk into a room and make everyone like me right away.” “I know for sure that's what I'll do here.”

And he used to live in the Tower of London, according to the caption of the post where he said he was going to be on the show.

Xanthi Perdikomatis


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Last but not least, there's Xanthi. Her IG bio says she's a model. On The Circle, she will be pretending to be a preschool teacher, according to the caption of her post announcing her role in the cast. She seems to travel a lot for work, but she spends a lot of time in Miami as well.