HBO MAX’s The Big Brunch Get Its Official Release Date: All You Need to Know!

The premiere of Dan Levy‘s THE BIG BRUNCH, a food competition series for HBO Max, will take place on Thursday, November 10 at 9 p.m.

The first three episodes of the eight-episode series from Boardwalk Pictures and Levy's Not A Real Production Company will premiere on November 10, followed by three more episodes on November 17, and finally two more episodes on November 24.

THE BIG BRUNCH, a creation of Dan Levy (“Schitt's Creek”), is a celebration of creative and unknown culinary talents from all over the country through the lens of one of the most adaptable, yet undervalued, dining experiences: brunch.

In this eight-part cooking competition series, ten exceptional chefs compete for a $300,000 grand prize while also sharing their personal stories and business aspirations. THE BIG BRUNCH showcases the next generation of American culinary success stories, with Levy acting as host and judge alongside fellow culinary gurus chef Sohla El-Waylly and restaurateur Will Guidara.

Dan Levy conceived and hosted the show; he, together with Andrew Fried, Dane Lillegard, Sarina Roma, and Faye Stapleton, serves as executive producers.

The Big Brunch Overview

Quite literally, Dan Levy is bringing something brand new to the table. In the upcoming reality food competition series The Big Brunch, he will serve as the show's host. We are aware that updates are being made to the cast of The Big Brunch, but they have not been made at this time.

the big brunch season 1

Dan Levy not only hosts The Big Brunch, but he also serves as the show's executive producer. An actor who is recognized for breathing life into the projects he undertakes will be hosting an upcoming cooking competition, guaranteeing a wealth of entertainment.

The Big Brunch is scheduled for a November 10th, 2022 release. We'll get to explore the unique skills and experiences that the candidates have to offer, and how this show will differentiate itself from similar cooking reality TV challenges.

Release Date for “the Big Brunch”: When Will It Air?

It has been confirmed that The Big Brunch would premiere on November 10, 2022, and that date has been set as November 10, 2022, in official announcements. This new show will be a hybrid of the reality TV and game show formats.

A number of cooking competitions have found success on television, but none of them have been hosted by the hilarious and gifted Dan Levy, who has previously offered viewers outstanding work.

It is executive produced by Dan Levy, together with Andrew Fried, Sarina Roma, Dane Lillegard, and Faye Stapleson. The drama is produced just for HBO Max, a streaming service that has previously broadcast other high-profile series.

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The Big Brunch leaks have hinted that the show will not be your typical cooking program, but instead will have a variety of comedic elements that will keep viewers engaged and interested.

What is the Plot of the Big Brunch?

The Big Brunch will, of course, follow the formula of other cooking competitions, but it will also have some fresh, exciting, and original twists. The purpose of the event is to find and recognize talented up-and-coming cooks from all throughout the country.

the big brunch season 1

The show will put the participants' culinary skills to the test in novel ways, providing a golden opportunity for those who hope to build a name for themselves as rising stars in the food sector.

The chefs will have an opportunity to speak openly about their hopes and aspirations, while also demonstrating their value and showing their talent to the world in exchange for a prize that has the potential to dramatically improve their quality of life. Levy expresses his gratitude for the chance to learn from and be inspired by the many excellent chefs he meets.

Cast Information for “The Big Brunch”

The only confirmed cast member of The Big Brunch is the show's popular presenter, Dan Levy. Whether or not the actor will be joined by other hosts is still up in the air. Newly announced judges for the show include Sohla El-Wally and Will Guidara.

This list will be updated once the casting process for the upcoming cooking reality program has concluded. If additional judges are appointed, the existing list of judges will be updated accordingly.

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Where To Watch The Big Brunch

There will be no other streaming platforms available than HBO Max, where The Big Brunch may be viewed. This future cooking competition will be hosted and produced by Dan Levy. The famous actor will put on a stunning performance with his usual flair.

The actor and the producer share a deep appreciation for the time and effort that go into preparing a delicious meal. Levy claims he is providing these individuals with a platform to showcase their talents since he knows they are hiding in plain sight. Streaming of The Big Brunch on HBO Max is scheduled for November 10th, 2022.

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The Trailer for The Big Brunch

There is no trailer because the show does not yet have a panel of judges or a roster of confirmed candidates. One is expected in 2022 if fans are patient.